5 Best Spray Tan Products For Summer Perfection

5 Best Spray Tan Products For Summer Perfection

Are you sick of looking pale and white during summer? Want to show off skin? But scared your beaming limbs might blind on coming traffic. If you are not so keen on the whole “pail and interesting look then why not try out a spray tan!

Spray tans have become popular in recent years for a few rreasons

  • They dry quickly
  • They are a lighter formulation
  • Tinted ones are really easy to spray on.
  • Some are instant so you don’t have to worry about having 8 hours up your sleeve for your tan to develop

How do I apply a spray tan?

We sell a number of spray tans to help suit your skin tone and needs. When it comes to spray tanning you need to think about Colour, development time, tints and surroundings.

1. Choose a colour that will compliment your current skin tone. Going too dark may result in an orange or yellow tinge. If you are pale, choose a lighter tint and just apply a few coats.

2. Take a look at the development times of your tan. You can get some that show colour straight away. But there are others that may take longer to develop.

3. We recommend using a spray with a tint so you can see where you are going.

4. Prepare your surroundings for an easy cleanup. Putting a towel or newspaper on the floor can help. I like to apply my spray tan while Iā€™m in the shower so I can easily clean it up. Its just like having your own spray tanning booth at home!

Here are Our Top 5 Spray Tanning Products

Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Dry Tanning Oil 150ml


Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Spray
Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Dry Tanning Oil 150ml

This is our best seller in 2015/ 2016 and for good reason. It dries almost instantly, won’t rub off all over your sleeps while you sleep, starts to develop in 1 hour and continues to develop for 8 hours. There is no need to wash off the tint before you head out. TIPS: You need a fake tanning mitt to apply this so it doesn’t stain your hands.

See my review and before and after pics here :

Reef Deep Bronze Instant Spray 150g

Reef Fake Tan Spray

Reef Deep Bronze Instant Spray 150g – Natural looking tan with a coconut scent perfect if you don’t have time to wait for it to develop. No waiting for it develop

Le Tan Express 30 Minute Tan Instant Bronzing Spray 100g

Le Tan Express 30 Minute Tan Instant Bronzing Spray 100g
Le Tan Express 30 Minute Tan Instant Bronzing Spray 100g

Get a tan in 30 minutes – you can shower after 30 minutes to get rid of that fake tan smell. Nice gel finish. Green base means you get a natural looking colour.

Bondi Sands Self-Tanning Mist 250ml


Spray on a professional salon quality tan at home in within seconds.  There are two shades to compliment your base skin tone. It It contains vitamin E that helps moisturize and rejuvenate skin. And because of its mist formulation, it goes on light to leave your skin radiantly glowing! Develops over 8 hours.

Bondi Sands Summer Bronze Instant Tan Dark Wash Off 97ml

Bondi sands instant tan Bondi sands spray tan in action


Sprays on in an ultra fine mist for an instant tan that will not rub off on your clothes, but can be showered off with soap. Coconut scent means no fake tan smells. It can also be used to BUMP up the colour from your fake tan if you don’t have time for a second coat. It comes in two shades for pail or darker complexions to compliment your colouring without looking muddy.

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And Now Over to you… Have you tried any of these? What is your favourite spray tan? Personally I LOVE LOVE LOVE bondi sands liquid gold for colour and lack of mess. Go on drop me a comment below and let me know you stopped by… and please feel free to share this post with any tan addicts šŸ˜€

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