Isabelle Laurier Salt Scrubs and Sugar Scrubs for Beautiful Skin

Isabelle Laurier Salt Scrubs and Sugar Scrubs for Beautiful Skin

When the sun is out it is time to dust off the singlets and shorts, and prep your skin for a healthy sunkissed glow they are all waiting for all year round. After a winter of hibernation, we are all guilty of not exfoliating or moisturising as much as we should ( after all, who wants to hang around in a towel on those cold winter days.  You need a summer exfoliating salt scrub or sugar scrub to remove dead skin, support detoxification and give yourself a beautiful healthy glow and get rid of that dry, flaky snakeskin.

Why use Isabelle Laurier Sugar Scrubs?

This year we have this great range of sugar scrubs for the body made from handmade artisanal ingredients We love the Strawberry Body Scrub because it is made with real sugar and strawberry with no hidden chemicals.


Use a body scrub to get better results when you fake tan.

Whether you are going to sunbathe or get fake tan, exfoliating is the first step in your tanning success. Why,  you may ask? Have you ever seen a woman with skin that looks  like a Dalmatian, with tanned patches and streaks? If you skip exfoliating it is easy for the tan to hyper pigmentation and catch on the dry areas, giving you darker results. This is why your elbows, toes, pimples, eczema and ankles can sometimes look darker when you apply fake tan.

The benefits of exfoliation goes beyond cosmetic benefits

Admit it or not, there are many benefits to exfoliation. Let me run down some that I have gathered:

1. Ditch those ingrown hairs

A skin deprived of exfoliation is like a soil with a layer of cement? Yes, it may sound crazy but when the skin is stuck with dirt and excess oil, the hair cannot grow properly. So instead of sticking out, it will get stuck causing an ingrown.

2. Support your cells from the outside in by facilitating cell renewal

Exfoliation encourages the natural restoration process to work harder. This facilitates faster cell renewal and dislodging of dead skin cells on the surface. And the major effect of cell renewal is it helps remove imperfection and improve on the appearance of scars and other skin blemishes.

3. Make it glow – Reveal healthier looking skin below.

It is also related to cell turnover. As the skin reveals newer layers, the skin naturally rids off blemishes such as blackheads and acne. It likewise helps minimize hyper pigmentation as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines.

4. Ditch the Dryness and support hydrated skin

When the cells are brought out to the surface, it brings with it essential lipids and skin moisture. This is responsible for having that overall healthy glow as well as improved skin tone.

We love Isabelle Laurier Salt Scrubs and Sugar Scrubs

Isabelle Laurier Scrub comes in Salt and Sugar Varieties and various scents.

Isabelle LaurierSalt Scrub Grapefruit & Fennel 100g, 500g,

Isabelle LaurierSalt Scrub Lemon and Lime100g, 500g,

Isabelle Laurier Sugar Scrub Comes in: Strawberry, 100g, 500g,


Now that you know the importance of exfoliation to maintain an overall healthy skin, why not choose to scrub with Isabelle Laurier Scrub. It will not only help make your skin look healthy and glowing, it likewise leaves this irresistible sweet strawberry scent.


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