A supplement called African Mango is a weight loss product that has sparked the curiosity of Kiwis after it featured on a popular show – Dr Oz.Super African Mango

After doing some research on products, we have decided to get Super African Mango 1200mg in stock and see what all the fuss is about. What is it about this newest weight loss support product hat makes it so popular?

What is Super African Mango 1200?
By taking 2 capsules of Super African Mango 1200, you get 1200mg of African mango Extract which helps work as an appetite suppressant.

Why an appetite suppressant?
Often the reason we binge eat, overeat or choose the wrong foods is because our appetite is making us crave foods that are easy and convenient (and are very seldom the healthy option). If we do not have the recommended serving size, we soon find the amount of calories we consume to be far beyond what we should ideally be eating.

What is the origin of African mango extract?
African mango, wild mango and bush mango are all the same thing. Scientifically named as Irvingia gabonensis it’s a specie that populates Africa and Southeast Asia. These trees bear mango-like fruits are regarded for their fat and protein rich nuts. The fruit is fibrous and fleshy making it a favorite snack in the olden times.

But it is the nut that gained so much interest from the weight loss industry. It has been noted that Africans who have included this staple in their diet were found to be slim and have low cardiovascular incidence.

What are the uses of the African mango nuts?
In Africa, the fruit is typically dried under the sun so that it can be preserved. These are then sold whole or in powder form. They are also ground to become paste known as dika bread of Gabon chocolate. Because they contain high mucilage, it enables them to be used as thickening agents for dishes such as ogbono soup. They are also pressed to be used as vegetable oil.

How does Super African Mango 1200 work?
This product may assist in weight loss in three ways:

  • May help to support the metabolism by adding bulk so you feel full for longer. It may also aid in slowing down digestion and help in sustaining energy while assisting in creating a sense of satiety for a longer period of time. Because it is a water-soluble dietary fiber, it may act as a laxative to help ensure that food will not stay in your intestines for a long time.
  • May act as a fat burner support by decreasing LDL (bad cholesterol) and increasing HLD (good cholesterol); therefore supporting healthy cholesterol levels. This is mainly because of the high fiber content of the seeds, assisting in sweeping away cholesterol from the body.
  • May aid suppression of the appetite by helping to regulate Leptin in the bloodstream. The brain secretes a specific hormone called Leptin when it is full or when the body has had enough to eat. When the body has elevated levels of Leptin it assists in reducing cravings.

What are the benefits of Super African Mango 1200?

  1. It may support in losing weight and help to maintaining a healthy weight.
  2. It may help regulate cholesterol levels.
  3. It may assist in encouraging normalizing blood sugar levels.

What is the verdict of Dr. Oz?
After researching about the African Mango Supplement, Dr. Oz was so impressed with the results of the studies that he decided to try the product himself. As a result he lost seven pounds without altering his usual healthy diet and exercise routine. From then on he started recommending it to his patients who needed to lose weight.

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