3 Best Teen Acne Products In the Spotlight

3 Best Teen Acne Products In the Spotlight

As teenagers, one of the biggest concerns is having acne.  Acne sucks, it hurts the skin and can leave scars.  And even if you want to cover it up, it’s kind of hard to make it disappear. You might try with the help of concealer, but often it ends up looking worse.  

This is why you do everything just to erase your acne. But when you are faced with all personal care products, which do you choose? We, therefore put these blog together to help you know more about acne products. This is especially helpful for teens. And here are our top picks:

What’s unique about teenage acne products?

Our skin has different needs at different stages in our lives. Thus, teen acne products are specially formulated to address the specific needs of a teenage skin, so you can get a skincare regime geared towards your needs.  

Teen acne products are specifically made to help prevent, control and eliminate acne. And these work to kill acne causing bacteria, unclog the pores and absorb excess oil without causing too much dryness to your skin.

Some teen acne products are expensive, which is not always ideal, so here are our 3 top selling teen acne products that are affordable yet effective:

Skinoren Cream 30g

This powerful cream helps in reducing the bacterial growth that causes acne. It is specially formulated for a problematic teenage skin because it contains the active ingredient Azeleic Acid. And this will also help control the inflammation of the sebaceous glands and eventually helps heal the skin.

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Skinoren Cream

Crystaderm Cream 15g of 25G

This potent antibacterial cream is a great acne cream and first aid cream in one, and it contains the active ingredient Lipid Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide 1%.

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Crystaderm Acne Cream

Benzac AC Range

Benzac AC Gel contains benzoyl peroxide in different strengths of concentration. This allows you to choose the strength you need based on the severity of your acne.   The same active ingredient found in Proactiv is Benzoyl peroxide.  It kills acne forming bacteria and unclogs pores.  The Benzac AC Range of teen acne products includes gel,  face moisturizer, facial wash and facial cleanser.   Check out the range below:

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Now you know our 3 best selling acne products, you can take the guessing out of choosing the best acne product for you, and get on with finding a solution.


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