How to Give Yourself a Thin Lizzy Makeover in 3 Minutes or Less [Video]

How to Give Yourself a Thin Lizzy Makeover in 3 Minutes or Less [Video]

We have all been there – It is 8am and you have just woken up, your late because your alarm hasn’t gone off… you do not have time for a shower. You throw on your go to work outfit, and have exactly 5 minutes to put your face on, grab a banana, put your coffee in a to go mug and get out the door. But don’t worry we have you covered for a 3 minute makeup routine – just follow the steps in this infographic

How to give yourself a thin lizzy makeover in 3 minutes and still make it to work on time

How to give yourself a makeove


Thin lizzy is a great all year round product to give your skin an instant glow. It is important to choose the right colour to suit your skintone so you avoid that muddy look. It comes in two shades.

It is also great when you buy it you get two of everything. I like to go in with my sister on a pack so we can split the makeup, I usually buy the light in winter and the dark in summer and makes it easier on the wallet.


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