How to use MYHD Hair Colour Remover

How to use MYHD Hair Colour Remover

Need to change hair colours? The last thing you want is to go orange because the hair dye has reacted with the colour you already have in your hair. Your best bet is to use a gentle product that breaks the bond between the dye in your hair.

The trouble with other colour removers is that they bleach out all the colour pigment and ruin your hair leaving it dry and brittle… thats why using a bleach free colour remover is a great options. We have two in stock MYHD Colour Remover and Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover

Here is a little more about MYHD


How is it different from other colour removers?

  • Gentle on the hair

  • Olive Oil Base

  • Bleach Free

  • Breaks the bond between the dye and the hair revealing the colour beneath the dye

  • Does not strip all colour pigment from the hair just works on the dye

  • Works in 20 minutes


See it in action here


Things you should know about MYHD Hair Colour Remover:

  • Not designed to be used with semi permanent hair colours

  • If you have dyed your hair with a product that contains ammonia or bleach it will have permanently altered the colour underneath your hair dye which could result in orange brassy results.

  • For Brassy, Yellow or Orange Results use a toner.

  • Designed for use with MYHD hair colours.

  • If you have been dying your hair black or dark down for years there may be a lot of colour build up so you may need more than one application to remove all hair dye.

  • Wait 48 hours before colouring

  • Do not use on Hair that has previously been Coloured with henna or metallic salts and dyes.

  • Will not work if you are currently using Colour lock products.


What comes in the box?

1 x Part A Permanent Hair Colour Remover 100ml.

1 x Part B Permanent Hair Colour Remover 100ml.

Disposable Gloves.


What else do i need?

My Hairdresser Tint Brush & Bowl or Applicator.


How to apply it:

Step One: Mix PART A  and PART B in a bowl

Step Two: Apply product quickly and evenly to dry hair.

Step Three: Gently cover hair with plastic cap or cling wrap and wait 20 minutes and carry out strand test every 5 minutes.

Step Four: Rinse hair thoroughly for 3 – 5 minutes and Shampoo twice. As soon as the desired colour removal is achieved, apply a leave in conditioner to hair.

Where do I buy it?

We sell MYHD Colour Remover, Dyes and Accessories in our online store. You can learn more about how these products or buy online and have them delivered to your door in 1 – 2 business days.


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