What You Need to Know Before Buying a Vitamin C Supplement

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Vitamin C Supplement

Considering a Vitamin C Supplement? It’s that time of the year again when your family is getting the winter chills and ills. Everybody knows that when it’s winter time, the body is prone to get chills and ills. We all know you are what you eat. So it makes sense to support your body with good nutrition to keep your immune system performing during the colder months.

We all need Vitamin C from our diet (and not just to stave off scurvy) it supports our immunity, eyes, skin, teeth,  and bones. Furthermore, it also acts as a powerful antioxidant to fight again chills and ills with the change of season. Vitamin C is a really important mineral. But with so many Vitamin C Supplements to choose from, you often find yourself standing in front of the shop with a wall of supplements wondering what is the difference is and why the price varies so much?

Grant immunity for the whole family. Shop for Vitamin C.
Grant immunity for the whole family. Shop for Vitamin C.

What you need are simple guidelines in choosing a Vitamin C Supplement

Sources of Vitamin C

First, what type?  There are two basic types of vitamin C. The first is nature derivative and second, made from synthetic vitamin C. But both types are processed in a laboratory, the only difference is the source.

The most common types are:

Ascorbic acid is the most common type of synthetically prepared vitamin C. It comes in a stripped down isolated molecule.

The other form is Sodium ascorbate. This contains ascorbic acid plus sodium. The reason for this formulation– vitamin c is used by the body using special sodium-dependent transporters. So by pairing vitamin c with sodium, it increases its absorption. This is another synthetically prepared form but is said to be gentler on the stomach.

The other type, which is gaining popularity is:

Ester C – its main ingredients are Calcium Ascorbate. It also contains natural ingredients bioflavonoids or fruits that are high in vitamin c. The usual combinations are acerola and rose hips. Some say you can easily absorb this type of vitamin C as well as stomach friendlier.

We like Nutra Life Ester C 1000mg with Vitamin D3.  You can absorb it faster as well as supports your immune system. Hence, less likely to cause stomach upset. You can also enjoy its nonacidic formula. Plus vitamin D, which can be in short supply if you do not get out in the sun much over winter. Nutralife Ester C 1000 mg with Vit D3 Plus Echinacea are also great as they are Chewable, easily absorbed and stomach friendly form of vitamin C, with the added benefits of echinacea and vitamin D3 to support and bolster immunity around the clock.

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Second consideration is the Vitamin C Supplement Dosage

When you are comparing Vitamin C Supplements, it is important to take a look at the dosage level on the pack. Is it 500g, 1000g or 1500g? The 500g might be cheaper but after you take 3 tablets it might end up being more expensive. So it might be wiser to consider higher doses. Nutra Life Ester C is an example. It is formulated higher doses and gives 24-hour immune support.  Clinicians High dose Vitamin C powder can be added to water or juice and may help to support the body’s defenses and it’s recovery time when it is under attack by super booting vitamin c levels throughout the day. It comes in several sizes and has a citrus flavor. As a result you get more vitamin c and have to swallow fewer tablets.

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Clinicians Hi Dose Vitamin C 300g
Clinicians Hi Dose Vitamin C 300g

Third is form.

There are several forms of vitamin c: powder, gummies, chewables, and tablets. Choose the one that suits you the best. The gummy and lolly form supplements for children are generally in a lower dose for their tummies. Whilst adults can take either chewable tablet, Regular Tablet or powdered form.

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Support your immune system this coming winter. And fuel your body with good nutrition by selecting the right Vitamin C Supplement for your needs.


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