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The DURO-TUSS range of products provides effective relief of dry Coughs and chesty Coughs. DURO-TUSS products are available in both liquid and lozenge formats for convenience at home and on the go.
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Duro-Tuss Linctus Regular 200ml

Coughing is a reflex that naturally clears irritants from the lungs. It happens when nerve endings in the lungs are stimulated by the inhalation of debris, smoke, environmental or chemical irritants. It is also associated with acute respiratory infections and can occur chronically with medical conditions such as asthma.

How do I relieve my Cough?
There are various products available to provide immediate relief for stubborn Coughs. One of which is Duro-Tuss Linctus Regular 200ml. It is a pharmacy only Cough syrup solution that is sugar-free, lactose free and gluten free. It can be used by diabetic as well as children 6 years old and up.

Active Ingredients:
Duro-Tuss Linctus Regular 200ml contains the active ingredient Pholcodine (15 mg).  
Pholcodine is known to suppress Cough by controlling the Cough reflexes through the nervous system. Whenever there are foreign objects and excess mucous in the lungs, the body has the tendency to create Cough reflexes to expel these objects out of the respiratory area. Pholcodine aids in reducing, if not preventing, the frequency of the body's Cough reflex.

It may be taken up to 4 times a day.
Adults: 10 to 15ml
Children ages 6-12 years old: 5-10ml
For children ages 5 years old and below, it is best to consult your doctor.

Warnings and Precautions:
Read the label carefully and follow the dosages strictly.
Excessive or incorrect use of the product can be harmful to your health.
Pholcodine may cause drowsiness. Taking this medicine may not be ideal if you are going to drive or operate machines.
If symptoms persist, it is best to seek medical advice.

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Customer Declaration:
I agree to use strictly as directed and if symptoms persist or if I suffer any adverse effects, I will contact my Doctor or Pharmacist. This is a "Pharmacy  Medicine". By ordering this product I acknowledge that I have read and understand the information regarding the product.

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