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Go Healthy Chromium Veggie Capsule may help to support your blood sugar levels to support a decrease in your cravings for sugar. It is ideal for those who suffer from hypoglycemia.
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Go Healthy Chromium Veggie Capsule may help to support your blood sugar levels to support a decrease in your cravings for sugar. It is ideal for those who suffer from hypoglycemia.  

What are the benefits and features of Go Healthy Chromium Veggie Capsule?
  1. May help to support a balance of sugar.
  2. Ideal for those who crave sugar and carbohydrates
  3. Ideal for those with low blood sugar levels and are insulin resistant.
  4. May also aid in weight loss for those who suffer from carbohydrate cravings.
Suffering from diabetes or low blood sugar levels can cause many disturbances in your regular day-to-day functions. Some very disruptive symptoms are:
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • weakness
  • low energy levels.
It is therefore important that you maintain a healthy blood sugar balance in order to avoid the above symptoms.

One healthy way of dealing with hypoglycemia is by increasing the chromium level in your system. By taking Go Healthy Chromium Veggie Capsule you may assist your body in supporting a healthy balance of blood sugar. It can also aid in curbing your craving for carbohydrates which may help you to lose weight.

What are in this product?
Chromium picolinate (equiv. to Chromium 400mcg) 3,340mcg

What is the recommended dosage?
  • Adults: Take 1 VegeCap daily.
  • Best taken on an empty stomach between breakfast and lunch.
  • You may also follow the recommendation of your Healthcare Professional.
Are there any warnings and precautions?
  • Not to be taken during pregnancy or lactation.
  • Chromium supplements can decrease insulin requirements in diabetics.
  • Always read the label.
  • Take only as directed.
  • If taking medication for diabetes consult your Healthcare professional prior to taking.
  • If taking prescription medication please consult your Healthcare Professional.
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