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Kiss Max Speed Glue 3g

Kiss Max Speed Glue 3g

$7.99 NZD
SKU 11012
  • Sets in seconds
  • Delivers secure application
  • Bonds and repairs nail enhancements, tips, wraps and natural nails.
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Kiss Nails Max Speed Glue 3g

If your nails are chipped or you want to secure fake nails, use Kiss Nails Max Speed Glue. It sets in seconds and can be used on both fake and natural nails.


  • Bonds and repairs nail enhancements.
  • You can also use on nail tips, wraps and natural nails.
  • Delivers secure hold in seconds.


  • Formulated with latest innovation patent-pending PowerFlex technology
  • Made in USA.
  • Hydroquinone-free.

Product Ingredients:

Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Benzyl Alcohol.

How to use for best results?

Nail repair: Apply a tiny drop of glue on split or cracked nails. Hold down with a manicure stick.

Tip application:

  • Clean nails with acetone-based nail polish remover.
  • Apply a drop of glue to free edge of nail.
  • Place tip on nail and press firmly.
  • Apply another drop of glue onto the seam for maximum adhesion.


  • Do not force or pull nails off.
  • Trim off as much artificial tip as possible.
  • Soak nails in acetone-based nail polish remover until soft.
  • Wipe off softened plastic and glue.
  • Repeat as necessary.

Are there any warnings and precautions?

Contains ethyl cyanoacrylate. Avoid contact with eyes and skin, can bond in seconds. Do not breathe vapours. Can irritate eyes, respiratory system, and skin. If skin bonding occurs, do not pull; peel apart gently by soaking in acetone or polish remover. If eye contact occurs, flush immediately with water and seek medical advice at once. Avoid contact with clothing as burns may occur. Do not use on nails that are infected, damaged, thin or weak. Keep out of reach of children. Irritant.

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