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Sarakan Toothpaste 50ml

Sarakan Toothpaste 50ml

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  • Helps promote white and healthy teeth .
  • Uses all natural ingredients .
  • Extracted from a tree called Salvadora Persica

Sarakan Toothpaste 50ml

Keeping our teeth and gums healthy does not only promote proper oral hygiene but also prevents some diseases. If we do not take care of our teeth and gums properly, it may lead to tooth decay and gum diseases, which may be both harmful to our overall wellbeing.
There are tons of choices in the market but most of the brands are chemical laden. If you are looking for a natural toothpaste that offers the same benefits as commercially prepared brands, you may want to try using Sarakan Toothpaste. It helps promote white and healthy teeth. Its natural ingredients are extracted from a tree called Salvadora Persica, which has been known as the "toothbrush tree" and has been traditionally used to keep the gums clean and healthy.

How does this product work?
The main ingredient is from the shrub Salvadora persica.
Acts like an antiseptic

Benefits include:
  • Helps in restoring the natural whiteness of the teeth.
  • Helps leave mouth feeling fresh and clean.
  • Naturally flavoured
  • Ideal for adults but can also be used by children.
  • Ideal for vegetarians.
  • Contains no fluoride
  • Contains no sweetener, added colors or preservatives and parabens.
Product Ingredients include:
Glycerin (non-animal), calcium carbonate, aqua, magnesium carbonate, salvadora persica natural extract, mentha piperita, mentha arvensis oil, eugenia caryophyllus oil, pelargonium roseum oil, hydroxyethylcellulose, sodium phosphate, limonene, citronellol, geraniol.

How to use for best result?
Use this product regularly when brushing your teeth.

Are there any warnings and precautions?
It is strongly suggested to carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use

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