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Use Colgate Savacol Mouth and Throat Rinse so that you may get broad spectrum antibacterial protection.
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Colgate Savacol Mouth and Throat Rinse Freshmint 300ml

Common mouth infection may be simply because of lack of proper hygiene. Most dentists say, brushing your teeth alone is not enough to get rid of all the bacteria present in the mouth.

Did you know that most of the bacteria hide behind the tongue and on the cheeks? So it might be best to use Colgate Savacol Mouth and Throat Rinse in order to Help provide broad spectrum protection for a wide array of bacteria present in the mouth.

How can using Colgate Savacol Mouth and Throat Rinse Help me?
When you use this product, it may Help inhibit the formation of dental plaque as well as it may Help reduce inflammation of the gum. It may likewise Help
promote the healing of mouth ulcer as well as control oral Candida.

What are in this product?
Chlorhexidine Gluconate 1.2mg/mL, Ethanol 95mg/mL.

How to use this product?
  • Kindly follow these instructions in order to get its full benefits.
  • As a mouth rinse or after brushing mouth wash, adults may use 15ml of this product; while for children use 7.5ml. Both are undiluted.
  • Then gargle for 1 full minute after each meals.
  • Spit out.
  • For use on throat or mouth infection, use it as a rinse 3x a day to Help reduce discomfort of mouth ulcers.
  • For use to reduce dental plaque or incidence of gingivitis, use it to rinse twice daily.
  • For maximum benefit use after brushing and flossing.
  • Post Dental Treatment - on advice of your dentist only.
  • Denture Rinse - to prevent denture breath. Rinse daily in addition to denture cleaning.
Are there any warnings and precautions?
Store in a cool dry place.
Keep it away from the sight and reach of young children.

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