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A natural muscle relaxant, which helps soothe muscle and joint pain as well as assists in improving mobility because of its Glucosamine component.
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Traumitane Recovery Action Joint Pain Relief Cream 75g

When you are in pain, even if you want to move and function normally you simply cannot. It frustrates you to keep still because you know that you can make use of the time that you are immobile. But you also don't want to get used to taking pain relievers because of their unpleasant side effects. Thus, you look for alternative ways to get relief. Traumitane Recovery Action Joint Pain Relief Cream has a fast acting cooling formula that helps soothe pain and assist with joint mobility.


  • Helps soothe muscle and joint pain
  • Assists to maintain and restore joint mobility
  • Acts as a cooling aid to relieve injury
  • Helps you restore an active lifestyle


  • Fast acting
  • Advanced Formula - Glucosamine for Joint Maintenance plus powerful Arnica + Menthol
  • Ideal for the after effects of poor posture over work, physical demands or exercise
  • Pleasant to use, non greasy, non staining, no lasting odour
  • No drug interaction
  • As a cooling aid for injury, Traumitane can be used either on its own or in combination with Ice or Heat Treatment
  • Traumitane gets on the job the minute you rub it into an affected area

Product Ingredients:

Arnica Montana - AHN Species
Action - Antiphlogistic, Anti-inflammatory, causes reabsorption and dispersal of internal bleeding in bruises and sprains (extravasations). Acts on injuries to soft tissue, muscle and connective tissue absorbing serum and blood clots to minimise adhesions.
Indications - Strain, sprain, haematoma, (knocks and niggles), over exertion, joint swelling, sport + recreation, injury + rehabilitation. (1)
Glucosamine Sulphate
There are substantial research papers to support the beneficial effect of Glucosamine Sulphate after prolonged use. This includes M.R.I. scan monitoring test subjects yearly for 3 years. Result concurred with the now recognised effect. (2)
Menthol - Mentha piperita
Action - Localised analgesic cooling, anti-Spasmodic (contains menthol and menthone), neuromuscular Relaxant.

How to use for best results?

After injury or strenuous exercise apply Traumitane ice cooling recovery cream straight away into the affected area and surrounding areas, 3 times a day and especially at night.


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