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Dual action relief colic pain, stomach pain, and pain caused by gas an indigestion.
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Woodwards Gripe Water 150ml

Is bub's keeping you up all night with wind and colic? Get peace of mind and support a good nights for mother and baby with Woodwards Gripe Water. It gives Dual action relief colic pain, stomach pain, and pain caused by gas an indigestion.


  • Instant relief from discomfort caused by gas, acidity and indigestion,
  • Promotes and aids digestion
  • Useful during teething
  • Easy to use
  • Use for colic pain, stomach pain, and pain caused by gas an indigestion
  • It is specially formulated to help provide rapid relief of wind and gripe on infants.
  • It helps provide rapid relief for wind and gripe.
  • It has been a trusted brand since 1851.
  • It aids in allowing the release of wind through a resounding burp.


  • Trusted formula for over 150 years
  • It contains no alcohol or sugar.
  • It contains dill oil that helps to warm and relax the tummy by breaking down the trapped air bubbles.
  • It also contains sodium hydrogen carbonate that aids in neutralizing the acid inside the baby's tummy.

What causes wind pain?

Wind pain is a common occurrence among babies that is mainly caused by too much air being trapped inside the babies tummy, mostly through feeding. Mothers tend to worry about wind pain, however it may be reassuring to know that it is not dangerous or harmful to the baby, although it may be incredibly uncomfortable.

What causing Gripe?

Gripe on the other hand, happens when there is too many muscle contractions causing spasm and excess acid. Gripe occurs when air bubbles are formed inside the babies tummy. When it is trapped inside the baby's stomach, it will send signals to the brains that the stomach is full of food. This will trigger the production of acids that are needed to break down food particles. Since there is no actual food particles to be broken down, these acids cause irritation that will lead to the stomach muscles not being able to relax. This is what causes cramps and spasms.

By giving your babies Woodwards Gripe Water, it will help them to get rapid relief from both wind and gripe.

What are the active ingredients?

Each 5ml spoonful contains: Terpeneless Dill Seed Oil 2.3mg/5ml, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate 52.5mg/5ml Also contains: E215, E217, E219

Dosage Instructions:

Babies up to 1 month old: Not to be used. 1-6 months old : One 5ml spoonful. 6-12 months old: Two 5ml spoonfuls.

Are there any warnings and precautions? The doses may be given during or after each feed, up to 6 times in 24 hours. If symptoms persist, medical advice should be sought. Do not use this product where impaired kidney function or hypersensitivity to the preservatives E215, E217 and E219 exists. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Discard the contents of this bottle 14 days after opening. Do not store above 25 degree C.

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