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YES Plant Oil Based Organic Lubricant 80ml

YES Plant Oil Based Organic Lubricant 80ml

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Experience a breakthrough in Lubricant technology with YES its outstanding performance enhances yours.

Yes OB Natural Plant Oil Based Organic Personal Lubricant 80ml

Yes OB Organic Plant Oil Based Lubricant is a breakthrough technology lubricant that has been thoroughly researched and responsibly formulated to help individuals who are seeking maximum pleasure each time they have sexual encounters. Getting into the groove of intimate pleasure can be quite challenging for some, especially if there is not enough lubrication. It is why some women even if they want to have a sexual encounter with their partner, dryness can stop them from getting into the mood. Yes OB Oil Based Lubricant can help you achieve maximum pleasure.

Benefits of Yes OB Oil Based Lubricant:

Provides dual purpose: serves as an intimate lubricant and massage oil
Offers soothing relief for any sexual encounter
Helps reach maximum pleasure for each sexual encounter

Features of Yes Oil Based Lubricant Include:

Thoroughly researched and responsibly formulated
Made of effective and certified organic ingredients
Natural plant oil based alternative to silicone lubricants
Hypoallergenic: formulated to minimise the risk of allergies
Gynaecologist recommended (1)
No need to wash off
NOT condom compatible

Ingredients of Yes OB Oil Based Lubricant Include:

Organic cocoa butter and shea butter
Two fine emollient oils - sweet almond oil and sunflower oil
Little white organic beeswax
Some Vitamin E which as well as benefiting the skin, acts as a preservative.


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