Fight Acne With Crystacide Cream (Now called Crystaderm)

Fight Acne With Crystacide Cream (Now called Crystaderm)

Hydrogen Peroxide Acne Cream
Hydrogen Peroxide Acne Cream

It is great when you have an event to look forward to, something to keep you motivated during the work or school week. Ideas of outfits circle around in your head, cute hair do’s and all the fun you are going to have can be a real rainbow on a cloudy day…

So it really sucks when it gets to the big event – your skin decides to break out.

It could be hormones, it could be diet, it could be stress – No matter what the cause is – Having zits still sucks!

You may have seen at advertisements for Crystaderm (formerly known as crystacide cream) on the television.

Here is a little more about the product:

What you need to know:

It is the strongest anti bacterial cream available over the counter.

It kills the bacteria that cause pimples (by drying them out using hydrogen peroxide

Its a cream multipurpose cream to have on hand as it will also help during times of cuts, scrapes, burns, skin infections and grazes

It use to be called Crystacide – but has changed names – and still includes the same formulation

The best thing is unlike other antiseptic lotions and potions it works in the presence of puss using a gentle hydrogen peroxide formula to treat minor skin infections with out antibiotics.


What can I use it on?

Treat Minor Skin Infections, Cuts and Scrapes, Acne and Burns while you prevent against infection with crystacide antiseptic cream.

How do I use it?

You simply clean the affected area then apply sparingly 3 to 4 times a day. Be sure to wash your hands afterwards to prevent the spread of skin infections.

It comes in two sizes to suit your needs 15g and 25g.

This is a must have in your first aid kit, and a great multipurposes antiseptic cream if you are travelling over seas as it is the only over the counter antiseptic cream that will work when there is puss present.



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