3 Minoxidil Hair Loss Solution – Rogaine, Regain & Regrow

3 Minoxidil Hair Loss Solution – Rogaine, Regain & Regrow

Are you starting to see some signs of hair loss? Does hair loss run in the family? Does it scare you to even think about losing your hair? Well, the good news is there is a solution to hair loss. You may not be able to prevent it, but at least you can delay the progression. Rogaine, Regain and Regro  the Minoxidil based hair loss products that may help with your hair loss problem.

But the question is, is Rogaine sold in New Zealand?

Yes, You can buy the regular Rogaine here on our website there is a generic Rogaine made here in New Zealand and it’s called Regro.

Regro Hair Growth contains Minoxidil 5%. This is the same ingredient found in Rogaine, a popular brand in the U.S. is a specially formulated hereditary hair loss treatment for both men and women. This easy to apply, spray-on hair loss treatment This box contains 1 month supply of treatment.

Regro Hair Growth Hair Loss Treatment 80ml


How does Minoxidil help your hair grow back?

Regro works in two ways. One, it revitalises hair follicles and two, regrows hair. The active ingredient Minoxidil reactivates the hair’s natural growth cycle by stimulating the shrunken hair follicles that occur with hereditary hair loss. As a result of using this product for approximately 4 months, hair loss will be reduced and natural thicker looking hair will grow back.

Regro Hair Growth Hair Loss Treatment with Minoxidil


Now that you know how Minoxidil can help, do you want to know more about hair growth?

First, let’s see how hair grows.

Hair grows on most of the body, but there are certain parts where hair does not grow. These are the palms, soles, lips and eyelids. The length, as well as thickness of the hair, varies depending on the part where it grows. The fine, light colour and short hair is called the vellus hair. Whilst the thicker, darker and longer hair is called terminal or androgenic hair. Hair growth is at a rate of about 1 centimetre each month. And it follows a cycle.

Second, let’s try and understand the three main phases of a hair cycle.

Phase 1 – is called Anagen. This is when the hair actively grows. Most of the hair on your body is in this phase.

Phase 2 – is called Catagen. This is when there is a gap of two to three weeks when the hair stops growing and the hair follicles shrink. But only about one to three percent of the hair is experiencing this stage at a given time.

Phase 3 – is called Telogen. This is when the hair follicle rests and releases the hair. Approximately 10% to 20% of hair is in this stage at any one time. And this stage lasts about 1 to 4 months.


Third, note how hair cycle goes in relation to hair loss.

The hair, just like the skin and nails, goes through synchronized cycles of growth and rest. Excessive hair loss can happen when this delicate cycle is upset, for whatever reason. Above, we learned that there are three phases in a hair growth cycle. And each cycle, has a specific time of growth, rest, and regrowth. However, at the end of the resting stage, the hair sheds. This is to give way for new hair to grow. And it grows in the same hair follicle located beneath the skin surface.

Most people lose between 50 t0 100 strands of hair each day. But since the hair goes through a regrowth process, this hair is replaced with new hair. However, as people age, this natural regrowth cycle may slow down or even stop. Thereby causing thinning and/or baldness.

Finally, what are the common causes of hair loss?

Losing hair can be because of: 1) decreasing hair growth, 2) increasing hair fall, 3) thinning hair follicles, 4) hereditary hair loss, 5) congenital or acquired hair shaft abnormalities, 6) inflammatory skin disease affecting the hair bulb.

Finding out if you are at risk of hair loss is important in preventing excessive hair loss. But if you are already experiencing thinning hair and want to slow it down, check out Regro Hair Growth Treatment.

Learn more about how Regro works and buy it from our online store.


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