How to Apply Magnesium Oil

how to apply magnesium oil

What is magnesium oil? A magnesium mineral supplement Concentrated Magnesium Used for transdermal therapy Not really oil but a coined term Highly saturated solution of magnesium chloride in water Accompanied with other trace minerals Appears in an oil-like texture What are the advantages of using magnesium oil? Transdermal magnesium supplement Designed to deliver magnesium through … Read moreHow to Apply Magnesium Oil

What Are Your Best Head Lice Treatment Options in 2019?

Well it’s official! The kids are back at school. FREEDOM! But if you are the proud owner of a youngster, often the return of the school term often means the return of head lice! These little critters tend to jump from child to child during play and love a clean scalp – so don’t think of … Read moreWhat Are Your Best Head Lice Treatment Options in 2019?

How does Lacteeze work?


There are times when allergies really suck! Especially when travelling or dining at a friends when you can not indulge in the cheeseboard to delicate dairy filled dessert… If there are times when you simply can not avoid dairy products – then lacteeze is a possible option for you. It comes in tablets for adults … Read moreHow does Lacteeze work?

How does Hirudoid Gel Work?

Hirudoid gel can be used on burns, veins and bruises to support the skin after injury. One frequently asked question we here is “How does Hirudoid Gel Work?”, so we wanted to put together an infographic with more information on how to use it for different ailments and what it does. After we learned about how Hirudoid … Read moreHow does Hirudoid Gel Work?

How To Use Magnesium Oil For The Skin

Are you always forgetting to take your magnesium supplements? Be it powdered or in tablet form – it can be hard to remember to fit them into your daily routine. Especially if you are in a rush in the morning after a good sweat session at the gym or crossfit. Magnesium oil is a great alternative … Read moreHow To Use Magnesium Oil For The Skin

How to Give Yourself a Thin Lizzy Makeover in 3 Minutes or Less [Video]

We have all been there – It is 8am and you have just woken up, your late because your alarm hasn’t gone off… you do not have time for a shower. You throw on your go to work outfit, and have exactly 5 minutes to put your face on, grab a banana, put your coffee in … Read moreHow to Give Yourself a Thin Lizzy Makeover in 3 Minutes or Less [Video]

What are Kruschen Salts? [Infographic]

Kruschen Salts can be mixed into water to create an alkalizing mixture that promotes regularity and toxin removal. Essentially the are a mix of of alkalinising salts with citric acid. Here is an infograpic to tell you a little more about the product and how it works. What is in a bottle of Kruschen Salts? Citric Acid, … Read moreWhat are Kruschen Salts? [Infographic]

Sleep Facts and Sleep Remedies [Infographics]

What can a lack of sleep cause? 20% of car accidents are related to a lack of sleep 27% are estimated to gain weight with only 6 hours of sleep each night These statistics are increased to 73% for those who only sleep for 5 hours Lack of sleep can result in 10 times more … Read moreSleep Facts and Sleep Remedies [Infographics]

How to Use MYHD Semi Permanent Hair Colour at Home

What is MYHD Semi Permanent Hair Colour? It may cover grey hair better than semi-permanent hair colour It’s not as long lasting as permanent hair colour Made with an alkaline agent and developer in the form of hydrogen peroxide Hydrogen peroxide concentration is much lower than permanent hair colour Will not cause the hair to … Read moreHow to Use MYHD Semi Permanent Hair Colour at Home

How to use MYHD Hair Colour Remover

Hair Dye remover Infographic

Need to change hair colours? The last thing you want is to go orange because the hair dye has reacted with the colour you already have in your hair. Your best bet is to use a gentle product that breaks the bond between the dye in your hair. The trouble with other colour removers is … Read moreHow to use MYHD Hair Colour Remover

Iron Deficiency In New Zealand Infographic

Iron Deficiency seems to be common in Woman and Children in New Zealand. I have put together some interesting statistics and information for you. Looking to support your diet with an iron supplement? We mentioned a few products in our info-graphic: Tablet Iron Supplement – Carbonyl Iron Tablets, Thompsons Organic Zinc 80 Pack, Sandersons Superior … Read moreIron Deficiency In New Zealand Infographic

Get Your Best Tan Ever! 5 Tips for the Perfect Faux Tan

When it comes to fake tanning we have all been there…  Orange hands, Streaks and patchy ankles. The thing about self tanning products is that is as much about your preparation and technique as it is about the products you select. Here are our tried and true self tanning tips for the perfect faux glow! Check … Read moreGet Your Best Tan Ever! 5 Tips for the Perfect Faux Tan