Regaine for Woman with Minoxidil for Female Pattern Hairloss

When you reach your 30’s and 40’s all those years of tying your hair back in a pony hair, straightening, and trashing it with a hair dryer can often catch up with you. Consequently, If you then stack genetics, hormone levels and the ageing process on top – some woman can end up with temporary hair loss or female pattern hair loss. Just because we== are ageing doesn’t mean we want our hair to stop looking fabulous and betraying us – by showing our age. That is why it is important to support your hair from the inside out, and there is a new product on the New Zealand market Regaine for Woman developed with you in mind.

What can cause hair loss?

There are a number of factors that can cause hair loss that varies in severity and permanence. These can include: extreme stress, hormone levels, medications, pregnancy, genetics, diseases and ageing.

What is Female Pattern Hair loss? AKA androgenetic alopecia

It is an inherited condition that affects a woman’s hair growth cycle by shortening the time the hair follicles spend growing, which eventually become dormant. In some cases, your hair may still grow, but the quality of hair being produced has changed by getting smaller, finer or less obvious until the hair follicle stops producing new hair growth altogether. As a result, typically you will see general hair loss, but it can be concentrated to the part line and top of your head.

regaine for woman

Regaine for Woman

Regain has recently released a product into the New Zealand market called Regaine for Woman which comes in a 1 month and 2 month supply.  It is a hair mousse, you apply daily, which contains the active ingredient Minoxidil.

What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is the only scientifically proven treatment for female pattern hair loss, It can also be found in the brands Rogaine, and the New Zealand made brand Regro.  It  works by stimulating regrowth and supports your hair from the inside out.

It is scientifically proven to help stop hereditary hair loss and regrow hair. It works by increasing the supply of blood and nutrients to your hair follicles helping to strengthen the existing hairs and encouraging them to grow. *

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How do I use Regaine for Woman?

Woman apply it daily in areas they notice hair loss.  This video demonstrates how to use Regaine for Woman Foam.

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