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REGAINE WOMAN ONCE A DAY FOAM 1 X 60G (Special buy online only)

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Growing back your hair is easier and faster with the help of Regaine Women Once a Day Foam. You can easily fit it into your beauty regimen and get results in as little as 12 weeks.

Regaine Woman Once a Day Foam 1 x 60g

Some women are prone to hair thinning and baldness. It is a condition that is mostly hereditary in nature and therefore there is no stopping it. But no lady would want to go bald, no matter what age she may be in. She will most likely do everything to prevent it from happening. It's a good thing that there is Regaine Woman Once a Day Foam. This proven formula helps regrow hair in as little as 12 weeks.


  • Revitalizes hair follicles in order to help hair regrowth
  • Increases and extends the hair growth phase
  • Helps stimulate hair follicles to grow longer and thicker over time


  • Easy to squeeze into your daily beauty regimen
  • Fast drying because of its foamy texture
  • Less messy than other forms of topical hair regrowth products
  • This pack is 1 month supply

Product Ingredients:

Active ingredient: Minoxidil 5% w/w (without propellant)
Inactive ingredients: butane, butylated hydroxytoluene, cetyl alcohol, citric acid, glycerin, isobutane, lactic acid, polysorbate 60, propane, purified water, SD alcohol 40-B, stearyl alcohol

How to use for best results?

  1. Pour a half capful of the product.
  2. Directly apply onto the scalp of the hair loss area once a day.
  3. Using your fingers, massage onto the scalp with your fingers.
  4. Wash your hands very well after application.
  5. Increasing the dosage will not improve the result.
  6. Best if used regularly and continuously to increase and keep the hair growing and to prevent regression or hair loss.

Are there any warnings and precautions:

Do not use this product if your hair loss is: 1) more than what is shown on the side of the carton because this product may not work for you; 2)sudden and/or patchy; 3) associated with childbirth.
This product is not suitable for you if: 1)you do not have a family history of hair loss; 2)you do not know the reason for your hair loss; 3)you are under 18 years of age; 4) for babies or children; 5)your scalp is red, inflamed, infected, irritated or painful; 6)you use other medicines on your scalp.
When using this product do not: 1) use more than directed; 2)apply on other parts of the body where you wish to grow hair. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of accidental contact, rinse eyes with large amounts of cool tap water. Some people have experienced changes in hair colour and/or texture. It takes time to regrow hair. Results may occur at 3 months with once daily use. For some women, you may need to use this product once a day for at least six months before you see results. The amount of hair regrowth is different for each person. This product will not work for all women. Immediately stop the use of this product and seek professional help if: 1) you experience chest pain, rapid heartbeat, faintness, or dizziness occurs; 2) there is sudden, unexplained weight gain occurs; 3) your hands or feet swell; 4) scalp irritation or redness occurs; 5) unwanted facial hair growth occurs; 6)you do not see hair regrowth in 6 months. Seek your doctor before start using this product if you have heart ailment.

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