Running low on makeup and cosmetics? If you know your shade buying makeup online is easy. Check out the catergories below and find all of your favourite products at great online prices. We usually ship the items the same day on week days so you get the items you need fast. Which is perfect if you do not have time to get to the shops on your lunch break.Prices are Inclusive of GST (sales Tax).

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Bronzer - A great way to give you that summer glow. use a bronzer to build up colour in areas that are kissed by the sun and as a contour to give your face shape.

Mascara - Frame your eyes using a bold lash colour... its amazing the difference mascara can make...  there is a reason many woman state if they were stuck on a deserted island and could only take one makeup item... that mascara would be it. We have a range of mascaras for all of your thickening, lengthening, curling and coloured needs/

Eye Liner & Eye Shadow - Play with your eye colour and get that perfect makeup look for day or night. Nudes are great for work or school... colours and shimmery tones can be a great way to play in the evenings or for a night out. It is a good rule of thumb when doing bright eye makeup you should go for a plain nude/neutral lip colour, and when going for brighter vibrant lip colour you should play down your eyes with neutral shades.

Blush - So many people forget to put on blush, often foundations and tinted moisturises can leave your skin looking flat and one tone, a blush can add an instant flush of colour to your cheeks and make you look healthier in seconds.

Illuminator - Sometimes life can take a toll on our skin - have you ever looked at those glowing celebrities on the red carpet and thought... how to they get there skin to look like that? Using an Illuminator on the eyelids of across the cheek you can cheat your way to flawless glowing skin. The reflective shimmery pigment reflects the light giving the appearance of shimmering glowing skin.

Foundation and Powder - Foundation and Powder are a great way to prepare the skin for makeup. They can be used to even the skin tone and give a great base for applying the rest of your makeup. We have foundations and powders for a number of skin types.

Lipsticks and Glosses - Lipsticks and glosses are great for finishing your makeup look. Glosses are great for everyday - and also the perfect weapon for people will smaller lips. Lipsticks can also be great for day or night but it is important to line your lips so you lipstick does not bleed, lip liner will also give you more staying power from your lipstick.

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