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The Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil Range is harvested from an ultra pure and remote source from a billion year old underground sea bed. Because it is ancient, and is isolated underground away from man made pollutants, it is one of the most pure sources of magnesium in the world. Certified Genuine Zechstein: Pure Magnesium Oil. What makes Genuine Zechstein magnesium different from other magnesium products that are currently available?  The answer is simple. Lack of human interference and influence. Genuine Zechstein magnesium is extracted from the ancient Zechstein Sea, some 1500 to 2000 meters deep in the interior of the earth where it has remained isolated from external forces for the past 250 million years (before the dinosaurs), unexplored until now. Genuine Zechstein magnesium has been detected free of: Mercury, Lead, Arsenic, Flouride.  The best magnesium oil | Benefits | Genuine Zechstein Magnesium  | UsesMagnesium and MSM | Side Effects | How to make magnesium oil

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Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil Sensitive 118ml
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil Sensitive 118ml
SKU 14279
$23.99 NZD
Replenishes magnesium while soothing skin. Supports stress relief & relaxation. Eases achy muscles. Promotes restful sleep.
Nascent Iodine Drops 30ml
Nascent Iodine Drops 30ml
SKU 3394562
$61.50 NZD
Average rating:
average rating 96%
Highly bioavailable form of pure atomic iodine supplement in an energized state. Rapidly absorbed and used by the body.
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil 240ml
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil 240ml
SKU 3399337
$59.10 NZD
Average rating:
average rating 92%
  • Absorb magnesium up to 12 times faster than oral supplementation
  • Magnesium supplement for the skin
  • Great if you have trouble digesting supplements
  • Ultra-pure and highly concentrated
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil Ultra 240ml
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Flakes 750g
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Flakes 750g
SKU 33934716
$30.50 NZD
Average rating:
average rating 96%
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion 150ml
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion 150ml
SKU 33993373
$40.99 NZD
Average rating:
average rating 90%
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion is a specially formulated lotion rich in Magnesium Oil. It is a transdermal magnesium therapy aid absorbed through the skin up to 12x faster.
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Gel 240ml
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Gel 240ml
SKU 33934711
$68.40 NZD
Average rating:
average rating 60%
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Gel Ultra with OptiMSM 240ml
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Gel Ultra with OptiMSM 240ml
SKU 3006144
$73.59 NZD
The same ultra pure high quality source of magnesium, aloe vera gel with the added benefit of OptiMSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) to support magnesium absorption. Ancient Minerals Ultra MagnesiumGelare great for Massage applications
ancient minerals magnesium bath flakes

pure magnesium oil

magnesium lotion

"Genuine Zechstein magnesium is in the highly coveted form of magnesium chloride because of its purity.  The most easily attained source of magnesium chloride involves a natural process of salt water evaporation from large bodies of water such as the Pacific Ocean, the Great Salt Lake, and the Dead Sea. While this method can be produced with little effort, the finished product is only as good as the source, and unfortunately mankind's indiscriminate use of fossil fuels and synthetic chemicals has ensured that every body of water on this planet contains measurable levels of toxins. The second most abundant source of magnesium chloride is produced in a laboratory environment utilizing hydrochloric acid and magnesium hydroxide, where the artificially generated result is also subject to measurable levels of certain heavy metals such as lead and mercury. By comparison, Genuine Zechstein magnesium is extracted in its 100% raw natural state, unmatched in purity and quality by any other known source on the planet. " [Source -]

magnesium bath flakes

Magnesium Oil Benefits:

Magnesium oil has many benefits it works as a great alternative to taking an oral supplements. Which great if you get stomach upsets, or food allergies and find you are not absorbing magnesium tablets or powders. It has been called "yoga class in a bottle" or a "massure in a bottle" as it supports your body and health. Ancient Minerals Magnesium is particularly recognised because of it's purity so you get peace of mind that the magnesium supplement you have chosen is ultra pure and has been sourced away from man made pollutants as this 250 million year old seabed became isolated underground before the industrial revolution. (unlike other brands). It acts like a treat for your skin, you rub it on after a workout, a days snowboarding or just before bed to support your body with magnesium through the largest organ in the body - the skin.

Genuine Zechstein Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil:

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil is the #1 most recommended magnesium oil among health practitioners and nutritionists worldwide. This magnesium oil comes from a deep underground 250-million-year-old inactive sea of magnesium chloride oil that has never been touched by modern day pollution and there is enough of it down there to last humanity hundreds of years.

magnesium gel

Magnesium oil uses:

  • As a topical form of magnesium supplement (rather than an oral supplement or powder).
  • Mix into your home made skincare products, deodorants or homeopathic remedies.
  • Apply to sore tired muslces after a days snowboarding, at the gym or out hiking.
  • Magnesium oilis different to a magnesium supplement as you apply it to your skin the largest organ in the body "transdermally" which is perfect if you hate taking pills or powders. The oil comes in a spray which you spritz onto the skin and massage in. A masseur in a bottle. This is the strongest form of magnesium oil and should not be applied to broken skin. If you have sensitive skin or should you experience any discomfort you can simply rinse it off with warm water and dilute the amount you apply to your skin next time to 1/2 magnesium and 1/2 water. 
  • Magnesium Lotion or Gel are great dual purpose products because you can combine your magnesium supplementation with skincare, and give yourself a nourishing and relaxing massage as you moisturise. Perfect for massage applications.
  • Magnesium Flakes can be popped into a bath for a long warm relaxing soak or foot soak. These are safe for the whole family to use and perfect if you have sensitive skin.  You control how much you add to the tub to support your magnesium levels. You can also mix these up in water to make your own magnesium oil or skincare products containing magnesium.

magnesium chloride oil

Magnesium and MSM:

The new magnesium ultra range has the added support of MSM, a form of sulphur known for its detoxification support properties. By combining magnesium and MSM you get a powerful supplement for the skin.

Magnesium Oil Side Effects:

Do not apply magnesium oil to broken skin as it can cause stinging. If you have sensitive skin try the magnesium lotion with coco and shea butter, mix it up in a warm foot bath or relaxing magnesium bath, or dilute the magnesium oil to half strength by adding water so it is not so concentrated on your skin.

How to make magnesium oil:

Mix up your magnesium chloride flakes in purified water and shake until dissolved. Apply to the skin as needed. You can  mix it up to control the strength to suit your skin type. You can also find it in a ready to use spray bottle or a larger size bottle ready made.

Why Should I Buy From You?

You Can Trial This Product RISK FREE for 360 Days provided you. Use the product as shown by our staff. Use the product on a regular basis. If you do not notice a significant benefit then anytime in the next 12 months you can bring it back for a full refund of the purchase price.  We are the New Zealand distributors of Ancient Minerals Magnesium Products in New Zealand. We provide phone support on our toll free 0800 000 980 number so you can talk to a pharmacist about this product If you are ready to see the benefits of Ancient Minerals Magnesium Chloride Oil for yourself You can order over the phone or buy online.

Still not sure, Here what some of our happy customers have to say:

"I talked to Jim the Pharmacist on the 0800 number for 30 minutes seeking nutritional advice... the next week I talked to Sharon for another 30 minutes about other products. I was so amazed to find such a great staff who actually listened and were enthusiastic about Helping me. Because of this now I do all of my pharmacy shopping with them... even though they live at the other end of the country and it is just so easy."  Whanganui, New Zealand.

You can either try this product now and start absorbing magnesium 12x faster then oral Supplements to restore magnesium levels. Or continue to deal with the symptoms of magnesium deficiency.  Ask Yourself This Question: What have you got to lose? You can try Magnesium Chloride Oil Risk free for 360 Days.
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