Shop our sun care range and protect your skin from the harsh kiwi sun. We have sunscreens for the whole family in a range of SPF's along with after soon products to soothe your burns. If you are shopping Baby and Childrens sunscreen that contain gentler formulations for their delicate skin we have a page of each below. If you are concerned about preture aging from the sun we also recommend using a face specific sunscreen specially developed for the unique conditions of your face for oily or sensitive skin. Don't forget to protect your lips with an SPF as there is nothing worse than the chapping that comes after sunburn.
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New Zealanders love there sun. that's why you need to look after you skin in the sun with our great Sun Care range. Protect yourself from the hole in the ozone layer with Sunblock for the face, body, and lips.

Want the right SPF?

Werther you are in the water or on the beach. getting the right type of sunscreen is important. We have a range of sunscreens from waterproof  to extreme protection, in a number of great brands. You have it covered with Pharmacy-NZ.com

Worried about your tan?

We offer a range of top brand fake tans so you can fake it rather then bake it, and the best thing is. No tan lines. From lotion, gel, spray, wipes and mousses we have the perfect fact tanning option for you.

Sun care for Babies

Babies skin is soft and new so you want to make sure you get a sun care product that will protect your baby. Browse our selection of skincare online or ring us for more advice on baby sun care.
Page updated 06/04/18 12:47:36 p.m.
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