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Self Tanning Products

There is something about a golden natural looking tan that makes you feel instantly fabulous (Not to mention its magical ability to make you look thinner). We stock the best fake tans from your favourite brands including Bondi Sands, Sugarbaby, Dove, Tan Organic, Le Tan, Argania, Garnier, Coppertone, Natio, Sunsense, l'Oreal, Tan In A Can. Look out for new tans on our blog along with fake tanning tips. You will find a variety of self tanners to suit your needs including mousses, gels, lotions, sprays, instant bronzers, tanning mitts and gradual tanning lotions.   5 summer self tanning tips  -    How to use a fake tanning mitt
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5 summer self tanning tips:

  • Shave, ex-foliate and thoroughly ex-foliate the night before. This gives you a smooth canvas and helps avoid itchy irritation spots.
  • Moisturise your knees, ankles and elbows before apply the tan to avoid clinging on try spots.
  • When fake tanning your face use a face tanner, be sure to wipe and blend around your eye brows and hairline to remove congealing tan.
  • Don't choose a tan that is to dark for your current skin tone. You need to work with what you have got, by applying a tan that is to dark the end result can look yellow or dirty or clash with your current skin tone.
  • If you are naturally lighter skinned, choose a tan in a lighter colour but put a few coats on, rather then starting with something that is to dark for your skin.

How to use a tanning Mitt

Use a tanning mitt to avoid getting tan stains on your hands, inbetween your fingers and on your wrists. Be sure to use the mitt in long sweeping motions and put on enough product to get even coverage to avoid streaking and tell tail signs of tanning.

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