In your 30s? Discover the secret of beautiful skin with Imedeen Classic

In your 30s? Discover the secret of beautiful skin with Imedeen Classic

You just turned 30 and the minute you looked at the mirror you started to see fine lines around your eye area. Your skin doesn’t look as dewy and bright as it used to. You are using more concealer under your eyes. And your beauty regime has started to get longer in order to keep you looking fresh. Plus now you already need to use illuminators and a really good moisturiser.

You might be noticing some other changes in your skin too…

Uneven skin tone and puffiness around the eyes can appear because the lymphatic glands no longer work as efficiently as they should. And elastic support to the skin starts to weaken. Lymphatic glands are responsible for flushing out the toxins from your system.

And your moisturiser is no longer performing as it used to. More dryness is apparent. This is because of moisture loss, a result of slowing down in cell renewal.  Thus, expression lines will start showing up, particularly around the eyes.

What do I need to do to fight the signs of ageing?

Here are some simple tips on how to care for your skin. And minimise the appearance of the signs of ageing:

First, upgrade to a richer moisturiser.   

The moisturizer you are currently using may no longer be enough to provide the right kind of nourishment your skin needs. After all, your 30-year-old skin is not your 20-year-old skin.  Therefore, when you choose a new moisturiser, think about wrinkle prevention and more hydration. lOreal Youth Code and Revitalift Magic Blur are both developed specifically for woman 30+. 

Second, invest in a proven effective eye cream or eye serum

Eye creams should help keep the appearance of fine lines and dark circles at bay. Thus, will keep the area around your eyes nourished and protected.

Third, don’t skip cleansing.

Always cleanse in the morning. And make sure to remove all traces of makeup at night time. Also, even if you did not wear any makeup during the day, you still need to cleanse your face before bedtime. This is to remove grime and dirt accumulated during the day.

Fourth, scrub scrub scrub

Exfoliate at least once during the week to get rid of dead skin cells. And pamper a bit more by treating yourself to a nourishing face mask whenever you feel that your skin needs an extra boost of confidence. 


Fifth, protect your skin with sunscreen.

Don’t be deceived by the weather. No matter what season of the year, it is wisest to wear a facial sunscreen product. The sun can be really harsh even on days that it seems to be hiding. So make sure to wear sunscreen every single day.  

Sixth, exercise regularly.

Skincare in your 30s 40s and 50s
Imedeen has a range of products scientifically developed to support the changes in your skin in your 30s 40s and 50s

By engaging in exercise on a regular basis, you will help maintain good circulation. This will help improve the flow of nutrients to your skin.

Seventh, drink plenty of water.

Staying hydrated internally is just as important as putting on moisturiser. Why not add a lemon or lime for an extra boost of antioxidants.

Eight, manage your stress levels.

Do meditation and breathing exercises at various points throughout the day. And make sure to take a break and do some good old stretching when you are feeling stressed out.

Ninth, support your skin from within and go where creams cannot

Take a beauty supplement that will work wonders from within.  Imedeen Classic is a specially formulated beauty supplement in a tablet. It helps improve the quality of skin as well as cell structure. So the work is done not just on the outside but also the inside.

Imedeen Classic Skincare Supplement For Woman in their 30’s

Imedeen skincare tablets work where creams cannot reach. They work from within to keep skin looking younger for longer in the deep dermal layer where the process of skin ageing first begins. Helping you do more for your skin from within Imedeen Classic comes in 60 tablets for a one month supply.  Support your skin from the inside out with Imedeen.

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