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Nascent Iodine

When the word iodine comes to mind you usually start thinking about that brown surgical iodine you see in movies.  Nascent Iodine is different from other forms of iodine as it comes in an atomic form with an incomplete number of electrons, giving it a high electromagnetic charge. With out getting to nerdy basically this means it is easily absorbed and utilised by the body to support a number of everyday processes. This Iodine is recognised for its support of the body as a natural anti viral, anti fungal and anti bacterial product that acts as a form of natural antibiotic.

Why nascent Iodine?   |   What is a nascent Iodine Supplement?   |   What does the thyroid do for our body?   |    Iodine supplements help:   |   What are natural sources of iodine?
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Nascent Iodine Drops 30ml
Nascent Iodine Drops 30ml
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Highly bioavailable form of pure atomic iodine supplement in an energized state. Rapidly absorbed and used by the body.

Why nascent Iodine?

It is easily absorbed as it is in a usable form that the body can work with
Supports the metabolism
Supports the thyroids hormone production
Supports energy and detoxification
Assists stimulation of thyroid production of T3 and T4 hormones.

What is a nascent Iodine Supplement?

Nascent Iodine is an iodine supplement drop that comes in a form easily absorbed by the body. 

Iodine is one of those nutrients that is essential in our nutrition as it supports our thyroid. As you may know the thyroid plays a part in how our hormones are produced and regulated in the body. In order to support optimal function of our thyroid we need to make sure we are getting the right nutrients.

What does the thyroid do for our body?

Regulates our metabolism which plays a rose in how to burn and use energy.
Produces hormones needed for normal growth and development.
Supports a number of processes in the bod y like energy use, protein synthesis, cholesterol synthesis, carbohydrates absorption, nerve and bone formation, reproduction, hair skin and nail condition, oral health, brain health and our speaking abilities... Just to name a few.

Iodine supplements help:

Support the thyroid
which plays a part in the metabolism and utilisation of energy.
which plays a part in reproductive health.

What are natural sources of iodine?

One of the biggest places people get iodine from is iodised table salt. If you use rock salt you will not get the same benefits as iodised table salt. You can also obtain it from things like seaweed. Page updated 06/04/18 12:47:36 p.m.
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