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Thermometers are an extremely handy item to have in the house especially if you have children.  They give you crucial information, and help you choose the right course of action when your child is unwell, or showing signs of fever.   This page showcases a wide selection of thermometers for home use, including digital and infrared thermometers. What is a thermometer?  |   Uses  |  Types of thermometers
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Welcare Digital Thermometer Standard WDT404
Welcare Digital Thermometer Standard WDT404
SKU 2604140
$13.99 NZD
The Welcare Digital Thermometer- Standard is designed to give reliable and accurate temperature readings. For oral, rectal and underarm temperature measurement.
Welcare Digital Thermometer Deluxe WDT505
Welcare Digital Thermometer Deluxe WDT505
SKU 2604159
$18.50 NZD
ONE PER PERSON ! The Welcare Digital Thermometer- Deluxe is designed to give fast and accurate temperature readings. For oral, rectal and underarm temperature measurement.
Tommee Tippee Digital Thermometer 60 Seconds
Tommee Tippee Digital Thermometer 60 Seconds
SKU 2039664
$20.50 NZD
Tommee Tippee Digital Thermometer 60 Seconds
Welcare Ear Thermometer
Welcare Ear Thermometer
SKU 2633507
$69.99 NZD
Vicks Fever insight thermometer
Vicks Fever insight thermometer
SKU 500916
$42.50 NZD
The Vicks Fever InSight Digital Thermometer is faster than any other digital thermometer giving an accurate reading after 8 seconds. No more trying to hold the thermometer in the mouth or under the arm for 60 seconds, now just 8 seconds and read. This makes it ideal for infants and children who find staying still very difficult. - Very fast, 8 second readings - beeps when ready - 3-in-1 thermometer; oral, underarm or rectal - Professional accuracy - Easy to read, large colour-changing display - Memory recall - Safe & durable, no glass or mercury

What is a thermometer?

A medical thermometer, also known as a clinical thermometer, is used to measure body temperature. There are a number of places on the body where a thermometer can be placed to get a temperature reading, depending on the type of thermometer being used. For example: The mouth, i.e. the tip of the thermometer is placed under the tongue; under the armpit, which is known as axillary temperature;  inside the rectum via the anus, known as rectal temperature; inside the ear; or on or near the forehead.   

Why do we use a clinical thermometer?

Its basic function is to take body temperature - for both humans and animals.  We take human body temperature in order to reflect relative health.  If the body temperature is significantly elevated or lower than the normal range, it usually indicates illness or presence of infection. Normal body temperature ranges from 36-38 degrees celsius.  If a temperature  measures above 38 degrees celsius, it is recommended to seek medical attention.

Other uses of a clinical thermometer are to take animal body temperature and basal body temperature or BBT.  BBT is a measurement used to predict female fertility.

What are the basic types of thermometer?

Liquid filled - also known as the traditional style. This style generally consists of a glass rod filled with a specific liquid, usually alcohol or mercury.   As body temperature increases, the liquid in the tube expands and there are marks on the tube that specify the temperature. It takes longer to provide an accurate measurement using this type of thermometer.

Electronic or Digital thermometers - are very easy to use because they yield quick results and have easy to read digital displays.  These are also tested to provide a clinical accuracy rating.  

Infrared thermometers - measure the amount of heat being radiated by a person's body. These can either be used in the ear or on the forehead. There are models, such as the Omron Digital Thermometer, that do not require body contact to get a reading.  These offer maximum hygiene and are perfect for children who are asleep or unwell, so as not to disturb them. The reading can be taken in 1 to 3 seconds. The non-contact type of infrared thermometer can also measure bath, bottle  and other surface and object temperatures.
Page updated 06/04/18 12:47:36 p.m.
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