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Anusol Suppositories 12 Pack

Anusol Suppositories 12 Pack

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Anusol Suppositories provide relief from haemorrhoidal discomfort. This treatment will give short term relief from the pain, itching, inflammation and swelling. They can also relieve the cushion of the blood vessels and shrink the heamorrhoid.
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Anusol Suppositories 12 Haemorrhoidal Relief

Use Anusol Suppositories to provide short term relief from discomfort, pain, itching, inflammation and swelling. It can also relieve the cushion of the blood vessels and shrink the heamorrhoid.

"What are Hemorrhoids?"
They can be both internal or external and are a condtion that occurs when the area inside your lower back passage becomes inflamed and swollen.

"What are Haemorrhoid Symptoms?"
A feeling of fullness and itchiness in the anal area
A feeling of lumps around your anus as well.

"Whare are the Active Ingredients in Anusol?"
Zinc Oxide 300mg, Peru Balsam 50mg, Benzyl Benzoate 33mg.

"How do I use anusol?"
Remove the foil and insert one suppository morning and evening afer each bowel movement. Use for two weeks after remission of the symptoms to Help prevent recurrence.

"Are there any warnings or precautions?"
Caution not to be taken
If you experience bleeding for more than 2 days, that you have black tar like bowel motions, that you are experiencing pain or your hemorrhoids do not improve then you should see a doctor to rule out more serious issues.

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