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Bodystance Backpod

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A back stretching device for counteracting the effects of hunching at a desk all day. Free up your upper spine during times of back, neck and chest pain.
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Bodystance Backpod for Stiff Neck and Shoulders From Hunching at a Desk all day.

hunched over a deskA back stretching device for counteracting the effects of hunching at a desk all day. Free up your upper spine during times of back, neck and chest pain.  The human body was not designed to sit down all day infront of a computer, television or desk. If your posture is less than perfect when you sit as a desk you may notice back and neck pain from being hunched over all day. This device helps you stretch out the upper spine and improve flexibility in stiff hunched backs.

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  • Supports good posture
  • Supports flexibility in the spine
  • Helps open up the chest
  • Perfect for people who sit hunched over a desk all day
  • Easy to use on the floor or in your seat
  • Can be used as a wobble board for ankle injuries.
  • Supports the body during times of upper chest pain, neck pain and headaches associated with hunching over a desk
  • Use for a few minutes each night to relax the spine

backpod cross sectionFeatures:

  • Made of super strong super strong polycarbonate inner with a rubber outer
  • Can be used sitting in a chair or car in between the shoulder blades
  • Stretch out your back in just a few minutes a day
  • A cheaper alternative then getting regular massages
  • Made by a kiwi physio
  • Also acts as a calf stretching device

What do I get in the box?

  • Your back pod
  • Stretch and strengthening exercises
  • Information about posture
  • Massage techniques for sore necks and backs

How do I use it?

See the product videos tab for detailed instructions:
  • To start off you want to introduce some pillows under the neck
  • Place the device under your body in the middle of shoulder blades
  • Place your arms behind your head on the pillows so you can relax.
  • This helps stretch your spine in the opposite direction to how it has been bend forward all day.
  • Hold each position on the back pod for 30 seconds, you can wriggle around to work the back pod over the whole area and assist stretching and help loosen things up.
  • Use for a few minutes each night to relax the spine.

In the media

    Will the Backpod break?

    It's tremendously unlikely. The inner transparent electric-blue core of the Backpod is made of polycarbonate, and is so strong you could probably drive a small car over it. The apple-green flexible outer is made of Santoprene which is a surgical rubber-type material approved for use in hospitals - it will just bounce back again from any impact.

    Who would this be good for:

    • Anyone who sits at a desk all day for work
    • Students studying and hovering over their phone all day.
    • People with a hunch or poor posture
    • People who experices upper back pain, neck or chest pain.
    • Makes a great gift for dads, brothers or boyfriends who are hard to shop for.
    Buy now for yourself or give as a gift to anyone that sits or hunches over a desk or phone all day.

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