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Bepanthen Scar Treatment is a silicone based nourishing gel that comes with a unique massage roller to help improve the appearance and texture of both old and new scars.
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If your scars are causing you embarrassment or irritation, try Bepanthen Scar Treatment.  It's triple action formula helps to break down excess collagen tissue, provide nourishment to help reduce redness and itching, and form a protective barrier to lock in moisture.  


  • In new scars, it helps prevent the formation of a red and raised scar.
  • In older scars, it helps make scars feel smooth, soft and flat and reduce redness and itching.


  • Comes with a unique massage device to help break down excess collagen.
  • Silicone based gel forms a protective barrier to lock in moisture.
  • ProVitamin B5 helps reduce redness and itching.
  • Suitable for use on adults and children older than 3 years old.
  • Free from preservatives, colourants and fragrances.

Bepanthen's unique triple action:

triple action

How to use for best results?

how to use bepanthen

Are there any warnings and precautions?

Do not use on open wounds and mucosa. Do not use close to eyes. Do not use in case of known allergies to any of the ingredients. For external use only.

If you experience any skin irritations discontinue use and seek medical advice if necessary. In case of accidental administration into the eyes, on open wounds or mucosa, flush with large amounts of water.

Do not use the massage roller on freshly closed wounds (which have been closed for less than one month) as the newly formed skin is still too fragile and so there is a risk that the wound reopens.

If the massage roller causes pain or discomfort, discontinue use.

To clean the massage roller you can use a wet or dry soft tissue and wipe it thoroughly. Do not rinse the ball directly under water. Do not detach the massage roller.

Keep out of reach and sight of children.

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