Where to buy Bondi Sands Sunscreen in New Zealand.

Where to buy Bondi Sands Sunscreen in New Zealand.

Did you know Bondi Sands Sunscreen is now available in New Zealand? We all know how much kiwi’s love Bondi Sands range of self-tanning products, but we are excited to have the range of coconut oil sunscreens and lotions on the shelf.bondi sands sunscreen range

In Summer, you often find you are enjoying the outdoors, only to look down at your watche and realise how long you have been outside for? Then you look in the mirror that night and realise just how burnt you are. Looking like a lobster because you failed to apply sunscreen? 

I know I have done this on many occasions in my youth and wish I had known the importance of using the right sunscreen product in my 20’s.  If only I applied enough sunscreen on my decolletage, then I wouldn’t have the early signs of aging now.  And I wouldn’t have to

If only I applied enough sunscreen on my decolletage, then I wouldn’t have the early signs of aging now.  And I wouldn’t have to moisturise my chest like a maniac and wear higher neck tshirts because I have a big wrinkle down the middle of my chest.


I have already corrected my habit now, but sad to say I easily break out when using sunscreen products. It’s a good thing a friend introduced me to the Bondi Sands Sunscreen range.  So what makes this sunscreen brand different from what I used in the past?

Introducing the new Bondi Sands Sunscreen Coconut Scent Range  

The new line of Bondi Sands Sunscreen is made with the richness of coconut oil. We all know that coconut oil is very popular for its moisturising properties with its natural source of medium-chain fatty acids.  When taken orally, it has a lot of health benefits, but when applied on skin, the effects are immediate.  It feels nice on the skin, it moisturises and leaves your skin with a healthy glow .

This Bondi Sands Sunscreen range offers:

Rich coconut moisturizer with a  coconut scented blend that smells amazing. The different varieties range from SPF 15 – 50  depending on your needs and location. A unique part is your ability to choose from Oils and lotions to suit your preference.  The various products Water resistant  ranges from 2 hours to 4 hours

Now you know what it has to offer, have a look at the some of the new range below.

Bondi Sands Protect and Tan SPF15 Coconut Beach Tanning Oil 150ml

A dual action tanning oil that helps intensify the heat of the sun to get the sunkissed glow tan that you like whilst providing sunscreen protection. You get your tan but not the harsh effects of the sun. the gentle way to worship the sun.

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Bondi Sands  Coconut Beach Sunscreen Oil 

This sunscreen oil provides broad-spectrum sun protection without the greasy feel on your body. It’s water-resistant, and with its pump spray packaging, you get a mess-free application in a jiffy. It comes in both  SPF15 & 30 varieties.

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Bondi Sands Coconut Beach Sunscreen Lotion 

Ideal for those who prefer the feel of a lotion rather than oil. This non-greasy formula glides onto your skin smoothly as you apply using the mess-free pump spray.   It comes in both  SPF30 & 50 varieties.

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Where can you buy them in New Zealand?

Head straight to our online store Pharmacy NZ to check out the new Bondi Sands Sunscreen range. While you are there you can also find out more about these products.


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