7 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Personal Lubricant NZ

7 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Personal Lubricant NZ

As a woman, there are times in our life when we can become uncomfortable “down there”. Be it because of periods, menopause, or irritation from sex. Sometimes we need help from products to soothe and smooth, so we can stop focusing on our discomfort, and get on with the fun things in life.  It’s a good thing there is a personal lubricant NZ that can help with this. But before we proceed to talk about these products, let me run you through what you need to know before buying such products.

What Is A Personal Lubricant?

Perhaps the simplest definition of a personal lubricant is a specially formulated lubricant that can be used to heighten the sexual experience. It assists a person or persons in maximising the benefits of their sexual experience by increasing the pleasure. Now if that is something that doesn’t interest you, I don’t know what will. The main way it does this is by reducing friction and dryness.

Are There Many Types Of Personal Lubricant NZ?

There are three basic types of personal lubricant in NZ. They are the following:


Water-soluble lubricants are most widely used form of personal lubricant. Recent technological advances have made the newer products in the market contain various agents that aid in even dispersal, moisture retention and resistance to contamination.  But since this type of lube is absorbed into the skin and evaporates, it has the tendency to dry out easily while being used and needs reapplication. It can be reactivated by using water or saliva. It can also leave behind residue when it dries out. But the residue can be easily removed with water.


A very common example of this type of personal lubricant is petroleum jelly. This particular type can increase the possibility of latex condoms breaking and slipping. This may then cause a problem for couples who are not keen on conceiving or those who are using condoms for protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

Silicone -based

This type of personal lubricant does not contain any water. Instead, this offers a different feel from water-based personal lubes.  These are not absorbed by the skin or mucous membrane; therefore lending to its advantage – lasts and stays longer! So, there is no need to reapply while in the heat of the act.

What Is The Safest Personal Lubricant?

Safety first is a common line used in almost anything we do. So why not put it as a priority consideration when buying a personal lubricant in NZ? My thoughts about safety are simple, what works for me may not necessarily work for another. There are people who have sensitive skin and therefore require a product specially formulated for this. But there are others who are not sensitive so won’t react. So, I guess the best answer is to test a product first before using it on your private areas. 

sylk personal lubricant with kiwi

What Personal Lubricant Should I Buy?

Let me share with you one of our best selling products. It is well-known for both its safety and efficacy.  It’s made using extracts of New Zealand Kiwifruit. It is called  Sylk Personal Lubricant 40ml. People choose Sylk because it is a 100% natural personal lubricant from NZ and it is made with the ultra slippery extract of kiwifruit vine.  

Here are some testimonials shared by those who have personally been satisfied by this product:

“There can not be enough said for the Product “Sylk”. The scientist who found out the “magical” properties of the kiwi fruit extract deserves a medal. “
Mrs P.W. (aged 73) Auckland, NZ

“Thanks for the list of suppliers of Sylk. We brought some from …. and do think it is very smooth. So thanks again. We heard about Sylk in the report of one of the business magazines my husband gets.” Mrs L W. New Plymouth, NZ

If you would like to try it, you can find it on our website. Just click the product below.

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