3 Ways To Curb Sugar Cravings After The Chocolate Holiday

3 Ways To Curb Sugar Cravings After The Chocolate Holiday

Are you taming the sugar monster after the chocolate holiday? easter-bunny-707754_1920The trouble with eating your own body weight in chocolate eggs and bunnies is you start to find yourself craving more sugar than usual. And it is hard to Curb Sugar Cravings.

You start hovering around the pantry … just peeking in to see what is there. Eating sweet things more than you usually would or popping out to the dairy to grab a fix while you are at work.

Then there is the sugar low that comes after piling in the treats.

Are you the proud owner of a shiny new sugar monster?

Do you feel like he is always pestering you to be fed? When we turbo load our bodies with sugar sometimes it can hard to go back to our normal eating habits. So we end up reaching for more and more sweet foods and the pounds start to pack on as the weather cools.

Curb sugar cravings after Easter

If you want to curb sugar cravings and support healthy eating here are our top 3 tips for getting your gut back on side. And leveling out that sugar rollercoaster to support a healthy, happy you. Therefore banishing your inner sugar monster.

Get your gut back on side

Sugar can help fuel the bugs in our stomach and make us crave foods we normally wouldn’t eat. Help restore the levels of your GI microflora and get your gut back on side with Terra Flora. This Probiotic hunger buster supports your body to fight cravings and supports digestive function. For fussy kids who do not like swallowing tablets you can also get these Bioglan Chocolate Probiotic Balls.

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Support healthy blood sugar levels

Eating sugary easter eggs can spike your blood sugar then drop it again. Then it leaves you feeling low in energy and usually craving more sugar to boost it up again. Support balanced blood sugar levels so you can manage your cravings for sugar. And get off the roller coaster of highs and lows. Clinician Blood Sugar Balance helps support healthy blood sugar levels while Accu-Chek Softclix 100 Lancets encourages regular blood sugar monitoring.

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Commit to a detox

Doing a detox is kind of like giving your body an oil change so it can run at its best.  After eating poorly or times of over-indulgence it can be good to support gut health. Thus, start fresh and assist your body in expelling toxins and waste. This is also great if you have been calorie loading on chocolate. And need to give your system a little rest. You can easily do this with a detox kit like Good Health 7 Day Total Body Detox Kit. Or as an alternative, take Blackmores 10 Day Detox Kit.

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Goodhealth Total Body Cleanse Detox Pack
Goodhealth Total Body Cleanse Detox Pack






Over to you

These are just three ways you can support your body during this time of sugar overload. And curb those cravings so you can get back to a healthy diet and support a healthy you. What is your post-Easter craving curbing secrets? Lemon water? Going cold turkey? Leave us a comment below so we know you stopped by…


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