Beat the Sugar Rush with the Benefits of Probiotics for Kids

Beat the Sugar Rush with the Benefits of Probiotics for Kids


Do your children enjoy Easter egg hunting? My kids do! And I also enjoy that excited look in their eyes every Easter. Especially when they scurry around the house or garden to find chocolatey treats; it’s just an amazing sight! But after consuming all their treats, they complain about tummy aches.  So I researched what might be the cause. And learned that it is actually the sugar spike that leads to system shock. That then changes the delicate balance in their gut to make them start craving for more sugar. So, I went a step further and checked what might be a simple solution. And learned about probiotics for kids.  

So what happens when they eat too much candy? How can probiotics for kids help?

Upset tummies

After your children consume too much sugar they complain of an upset stomach. This is because they do not fully digest sugar at times.  And this sugars that stay in their tummies ferment and produce gas. Thus, results to painful bloated feeling. This usually appears  a few hours after binging on sugary foods.

Low energy levels

We know that when a child is suffering from an upset stomach, it can really affect their energy. Low energy means engaging in fewer activities. The result -they prefer to stay home or in bed. Thus, missing out enjoying the day playing or having more fun with their peers. 

The negative effects of too much sugar

Here are just a few of the short and long term effects of sugar on the body:

    • Tooth decay


    • Hyperactivity


    • Risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and obesity


    • Colds, cough, and allergies


    • Croup and acid reflux


    • Sugar can rob nutrients from the body


  • Compromised immunity

Sugar rush & immunity – the role of a microbiome in the body.

A microbiome is simply the microorganisms present in our body. It consists of trillions of good bacteria. It processes the food we eat. And helps produce vitamins. As well as protect our body from germs and all kinds of diseases. When our kids consume too much sugar, it can alter the balance between good and bad bacteria. And this can eventually lead to a weakened immune system. Thus, one reason why more and more children from this generation suffer from allergies and upper respiratory conditions.

Get your kids start eating healthy again to improve overall wellbeing. 

Easter is over and so are their treats. Perhaps sugar rush has already waned down by now. We may not want the effect but it’s a natural consequence of consuming too much sugar. So what do we next? Take them to eat healthier choice of food. Give them more fruits and vegetables as well as whole foods. And add probiotics for kids in their daily supplement.

Here are simple guidelines to get them back on track on eating healthy:

  1. Always have healthy foods available at home. Instead of stocking up on junk foods and sugary stuff, load up on fruits and veggies and other whole foods. When your child is hungry, they will definitely eat what is available and not wait for what is not there.
  2. Keep a regular schedule for their food intake. Children need to eat every 3 to 4 hours to keep their energy level stable. This way they will not crave for sweets and sugary foods. And try and make sure they are staying well hydrated.
  3. Recognise their choice for healthy foods. Children love to hear compliments. So praise them each time they eat healthy to encourage them. 
  4. Have fun with food. Kids love to participate in some cooking or baking sessions or even plating. So why not involve them in some food preparation or even planting vegetables? They are far more likely to look forward to eating something that they themselves planted and harvested.
  5. Support their gut with good bugs. Probiotics for kids are considered a superfood. This helps support good bacteria in the gut to fight bad bacteria. Therefore, more good bacteria is equal to a stronger immune system


And don’t forget to support nutrient levels with kids supplements.

Children can be difficult to please and may resist healthy foods. And this can easily lead to a lack of important vitamins and minerals. After gobbling up tons of sugary treats during Easter, it is time to bring them back to healthier habits. Therefore give children specially formulated supplements suited for their age. This will definitely help them get back on track in being healthy, happier kids.




Got any tips for when your little buddies have gone a little overboard on their sweet treats?  We would love to read your ideas in the comments box below.   

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