Restore Your Winter Skin With Linden Leaves Gold Range

Restore Your Winter Skin With Linden Leaves Gold Range


We have stocked up our online store with the newest offering from Linden Leaves – The Gold Range.  Staying true to the philosophy of Linden Leaves, all products are made with care and attention to detail and offer you the experience of nature’s most luxurious ingredients.  

Why choose the Linden Leaves Gold Range?

The Gold range is specially designed to enhance skin moisturisation and help in promoting cell renewal and repair of aged skin.  Perfect for women aged 40 and up, and those who experience premature skin ageing as a result of exposure to harsh conditions, such as the cold winter wind.  The ingredients in this range help to increase skin moisturisation and cell regeneration.

What are the products in the Linden Leaves Gold Range?

Linden Leaves Gold Body Lotion with Amaranth and Red Rice

If you want a moisturiser with a light shimmer, then this is the lotion for you. The natural red rice extract helps increase collagen synthesis to help improve skin elasticity and tone. With certified organic amaranth protein to help visibly improve skin hydration and increase moisture retention.

Linden Leaves Gold Range
Linden Leaves Gold Body Lotion with Amaranth and Red Rice


Linden Leaves Gold Body Oil

This body oil treatment contains the same hydrating ingredients plus nourishing fatty acids from chia seeds that helps firm and soften the skin. It offers to help skin look radiantly glowing,  healthy and younger looking.

Linden Leaves Gold Shimmer Mousse



For added shine and shimmer, this product is designed to provide your skin with a definitive shimmer effect.

Linden Leaves Gold Silken Body Wash


Gentle and non-drying, this body wash also helps in conditioning as well as removing impurities. What you get is clean skin that feels soft and looks radiant.

Linden Leaves Gold Toning Face and Body Mist


A facial toner and body mist in one,  this is a refreshing treat that helps hydrate and restore skin vitality. With enhanced natural witch hazel and chamomile to help soothe, tone and nourish the skin.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of these products, please visit our online store to help you decide which one to try first.  

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