New Zealand Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask Reviews (With Before and Afters Videos)

New Zealand Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask Reviews (With Before and Afters Videos)

Would you like to see a Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask review from a New Zealander? While it looks like a storm trooper mask, this powerful light therapy acne mask is creating quiet the buzz on the interwebs. 

Are you sick of buying acne treatments and pimple products and not getting any results, or worse yet, buying products that burn your skin? If you want something to support beautiful skin then it’s time to check out this new innovation from Neutrogena.  The Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask made for people who are frustrated with acne creams, balms, and all other forms of anti-acne products. This revolutionary product is the latest craze in New Zealand and is getting reviewed by loads of beauty bloggers (which I will share below). And I will share with you why.

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What makes Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask different?

It is a chemical free and UV free acne treatment alternative to all other forms of anti-acne products. It offers blue light acne treatment process that assists to kill the bacteria causing acne. And it is very easy to use. You can relax while the session is ongoing. The best part, you can do it at the comforts of your own home.

How do blue lights help with acne?

The blue light will be used to help improve the skin condition related to acne breakouts.

How do red lights help with acne?

The red light will help with inflammation and infection.

 It is very simple to use.

Oh by the way, did I mention that it is clinically proven effective…

Yes, it is clinically proven to treat mild to moderate acne with the use of light therapy technology. (1) It is considered as phototherapy wherein visible light, specifically blue light will be used to help improve the skin condition related to acne breakouts. It also helps control the condition of the skin even prior to an outbreak. And because it does not have harsh chemicals, it helps improve the overall skin appearance. (2)

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And why is it becoming to be a more popular alternative to topical or systemic antibiotic treatment? 

More and more people who are undergoing long-term treatment using antibiotics are becoming resistant. This leads to less effective treatment and not so favourable results. (3) 

Check out these 3 Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask Reviews from New Zealand And Australian Beauty Bloggers


  1. Video Review by @riverofbeauty

In her video review you can also see her before and after photos to get a feel for what she thought of the product.

2. Video Review by Emily-Brooke LeBoydre

See her skin after intermittent use and hear about her experiences using the activator and mask.

3. Video Review by Ruby Golani

See how the Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask holds up with period acne.

Video Review by Stephanie Bailey

Are you Ready to take the 30-day Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask Acne challenge?

Are you ready to experience it for yourself? Why not try the acne light therapy mask and activator today. We would love to hear how you get on. The mask comes with the first 30 day supply of activator inside, then for additional treatments you can purchase more activator separately.


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