L’Oreal Pure Clay Multi-masking. How to Get a Custom Clay Mask Tailored to your skin

L’Oreal Pure Clay Multi-masking. How to Get a Custom Clay Mask Tailored to your skin

Have you ever stood there, staring at the wall of beauty products, trying to figure out what it all means, and which one is right for you? Generally you have 3 or so options, Dry, Combination or Oily… But what if your face is all of those things. or what if your skin changes when aunt flow comes to town. My indecision can be paralysing at the beauty counter, after all, I have been burned before, buying products that did not really work for my skin. That is why I was excited to see the L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask range popping up on my instagram feed @lorealskin #lorealskin .

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Why we Love L’Oreal Pure Clay Multi masking.


You have different zones of skin on your face. As your hormones fluctuate, or the seasons change, you can decide which zones to pamper with which clays, that way you get targeted moisture, detoxifying or nourishment, depending on your skins needs.

Use them year round. – Rather than having a mask you can only use some of the time, when you skin is oily, or dry, you can just alter where you put the mask, and have products that work year and month round.

Give your skin what it needs: 

l’Oreal Skin Expert Pure Clay Glow Mask  Targets dry, dull areas with the red algae mask. This is great for people prone to dry skin, or if you get dry dull skin on your cheeks from sun damage.

l’Oreal Skin Expert Pure Clay Purity Mask with Eucalyptus Targets oily skin and clogged pores with the purity mask. Perfect on the t-zone to avoid those oily patches and help support an even skin tone

l’Oreal Skin Expert Pure Clay Detox Mask with Charcoal Targets oily skin with the charcoal mask which is great for detoxification. Just like they use alcohol to detox people after alcohol poisoning, it can be used to draw impurities out of the skin. This could be great for supporting the skin during those times when you are prone to break outs.
A foundation brush will help you to apply an even thin layer of the product.


If you want to try any of these products, or read more about the ingredients in each one you can find them on our webstore. We will include the link below

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