Boost Your Energy with Berocca Performance Fizzy Melts

Boost Your Energy with Berocca Performance Fizzy Melts

We all feel run down and very low in energy at times. And this is can either be because of usual fatigue or of a busy life. Are you in a little extra stress lately because of a project at work or school? Or staying up all night with a sick child?  Sometimes we just can’t find that extra energy.   When we are exhausted, our appetite is affected too. Berocca Performance Fizzy Melts are quick and easy to take. And it can give you that boost you need to get the spring back in your step.  


7 habits that may be taxing your energy

Too much sugar consumption – You think it’s only chocolate bars and soft drinks that load up your sugar? Think again! Any refined carbs like white bread and rice, chips, and even cereals are a major source of sugar.

Not enough exercise – You wake up late and forego your morning walk. You rush to get through your morning routine and skip your stretches. Or instead of hitting the gym after work, you have a couple of drinks with your colleagues.  There are lots of reasons why we miss out on exercise. But whatever the case, your energy levels are affected.

Not eating breakfast – You deprive yourself of fuel after a long period of fasting when you miss breakfast. And this will leave you famished by lunchtime. Therefore leading to unhealthy choices of food, which causes a mid-afternoon dip in blood sugar.

Not moving enough – Sitting for a prolonged period of time is a major health risk as well as an energy zapper.

Too much caffeine – Whether it’s a can of soft drink or constantly refilling your coffee mug, the drinks we reach for when we feel sleepy or low energy are packed with caffeine. These are stimulants and yes, may give you a quick jolt of energy. But these will also leave you crashing soon after ingesting too much.  Not to mention that drinking caffeinated beverages into the afternoon may have an effect on the quality of your sleep.

Bad posture – A hunched or misaligned posture when sitting or standing can also affect your energy levels.

Choosing the wrong types of snack food – More often than not we reach out for snacks that are high in simple carbs and sugar.


Tips on how to boost your energy

Watch what you eat and drink

Skip the sugar and eat healthy – It cannot be overemphasized that eating the right kind of foods on a daily basis boosts your energy levels.

Avoid caffeine and switch to a healthier choice of beverage – It may serve you better to consumer fresh fruit or vegetable juice each time you feel low in energy. Do this rather than reaching out for a caffeinated drink. It is better to switch to drinking water later in the afternoon. And try replacing your soft drink with a seltzer of a fizzy drink for a bubbly afternoon pick-me-up without affecting your energy levels.

Keep yourself hydrated – If you are doing a desk job, make it a goal to consume a glass of water an hour. And add more if you are doing strenuous activities or are staying outdoors in high temperatures.

Eat your breakfast and make sure it’s healthy – It’s best to eat a healthy breakfast by combining healthy carbs like fruit, veggies and whole grains with protein such as eggs, nuts or dairy.

Get Moving

Plan for a daily workout routine – whether walking, running, swimming or any type of sports. Maintaining a daily exercise is essential to increasing your energy levels. And a bonus to a daily workout routine is it will improve  your quality of sleep, which will naturally lead to feeling more rested.

Move your butt to get your blood circulating – You are helping your blood circulate and increase the oxygen in your blood by standing and moving even for a few minutes. This will then send more oxygen to your brain which will lead to increased alertness.  

Check your posture – By simply changing your position and improving your posture, you instantly boost both mood and energy levels. Remind yourself once in awhile to check your posture. You could set an alarm on your smartphone as a reminder.

Why add Berocca Performance Fizzy Melts to your energy boosting regimen?

When you are always rushing in the morning, it is easy to skip taking your supplements. Well, with Berocca Performance Fizzy Melts, there is no reason not to take your vitamins. It’s a convenient chewable tablet that doesn’t require water. You can take one anywhere, anytime. Keep some in your purse, car or office desk.  So that when you realise you’ve skipped your vitamins again, you can just pop one in your mouth and chew it like candy.

It’s formulated with B group vitamins and other minerals to help give you a boost of energy and support stamina plus improve your alertness and concentration, as well as supporting your diet.  You can choose from these two delicious flavours.

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