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Use Carefree ProComfort Super Tampons for maximum protection, they are similar to standard Carefree tampons but with a slimmer design. They are made with a unique Silk-Ease cover that may allow for a significantly smoother and easier insertion and removal.
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Carefree ProComfort Super Tampons

Use Carefree ProComfort Super Tampons for maximum protection, they are similar to standard Carefree tampons but with a slimmer design. They are made with a unique Silk-Ease cover that may allow for a significantly smoother and easier insertion and removal.

What are the benefits and features of Carefree ProComfort Super Tampons?
  • They are made with a unique Silk-Ease cover.
  • They are significantly smoother and easier to insert and remove.
  • They provides the same maximum protection as standard Carefree tampons.
  • They are comfortable and hardly noticeable.
  • It absorbs approximately 8g.
What is it made of? 100% Non-Chlorine Bleached Rayon, Polypropylene/Polyethylene Cover, Cotton String.

How do I use this product? There are four basic steps in using this product properly and these can be categorized to: preparation, unwrapping, inserting and removing or replacing tampons.

To prepare you need to start by making sure that your hands are thoroughly clean. Then you need to get into a comfortable position (e.g. try standing with one foot on the edge of the bath or toilet). After which, get a closer look of where to insert the tampon by grabbing a small mirror and placing it in between your legs. Then find your labia or the lips or folds of skin that covers the entrance to your vagina. Gently spread it open using your fingers and find the entrance to your vagina.

To unwrap the tampon, hold it firmly on either side of dotted line then twist sharply in opposite directions. Remove the bottom piece of wrapper to expose the string then pull string so it hangs down. Hold the tampon by the string and remove the other half of the wrapper. Once unwrapped, make sure not to touch it too much or place on any surface to avoid contamination.

To insert the tampon, hold the tampon at the end where string is positioned. Make sure you are relaxed to avoid tightening of the muscles around your vagina. Then slant the tampon towards the lower back and carefully ease tampon into your vagina by pushing it with your index finger. Make sure to push it as far back as it will go the. You should also put the tampon at an angle not straight. You also have to make sure that the string is outside your body for ease of removal.

You will feel if the tampon is inserted properly. If it feels uncomfortable it may be wrongly placed. You may either push it farther or remove and try inserting it again.

To remove the tampon, you will know that its time to change the tampon when you will feel a slight tug on the string. If it does not slide out easily it means you can still leave it on a bit longer. As a general rule, you should change tampons every four hours, but this may depend on the flow of your menstruation. You may also leave it on for a maximum of 8 hours if it won't budge.

Are there any warnings and precautions? Dispose properly by wrapping it in a toilet paper. Do not flush! This may cause clogging in your toilet.

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