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Earplanes for Kids helps provide protection in the ears from rapid cabin pressure changes when worn during take-off or landing. Ideal if your child is flying with a cold, allergy or sinusitis.
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Earplanes Protection from Flight Ear Discomfort for Kids 1 Pair

We love to travel with our children. And they sure enjoy it too. But what if they suffer from colds, allergy or sinusitis. Are we going to leave them behind just because we don't want them to experience discomfort? No, as there is another way to help them fly even with these conditions. Earplanes Protection from Flight Ear Discomfort for Kids helps protect the ears from rapid cabin pressure changes when worn during take-off and landing. Thereby, minimizing the possibility of experiencing ear discomfort.


  • Helps protect the ears from rapid cabin pressure changes when worn during take-off and landing
  • Assists to relieve painful ear discomfort, clogging, popping and temporary or permanent hearing loss associated with air travel
  • Aids to automatically reduce discomfort
  • Helps regulate air pressure during takeoffs and landings


  • Ideal for those kids flying with a cold, allergy or sinusitis
  • With CeramX filters
  • Hypoallergenic silicone ear plug
  • Ceramic pressure regulator

How does it work?

  • The silicone earplug has four circumferential rings which provide an airtight seal between the product and ear canal.
  • The ceramic element is a controlled porosity filter, one end of which is exposed to the external cabin pressure.
  • With the opposite end exposed to the sealed chamber formed when the ear plug is inserted in the ear.
  • Thus, as the cabin air pressure changes, a pressure differential is created across the ceramic filter.
  • Thereby causing air to flow through the filter.
  • The filter acts as an impedance to the flow of air into and out of the ear canal.

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