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Claratyne Childrens Peach Syrup 100ml

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Claratyne Syrup is a Non - sedating antihistamine which reduces allergic reactions such as sneezing, nasal discharge and itching, itchy and burning eyes
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hay fever and other forms of allergic reaction makes the body release the chemical histamine when the immune system is being exposed to allergens. It is also possible that the body reacts the same way when it is re-exposed to allergens that it has become previously sensitised to.

What causes Hayfever?
Some of the most common allergens are tree, plant or grass pollens to mould spores or dust mite debris. Histamin is the substance responsible to make you sneeze, have runny nose, watery eyes, and makes your face itch.

What does Claratyne Do?
Claratyne is an antihistamine that acts quick and effective to reduce the symptoms of allergies. As an antihistamine, it subdues the effects that histamin has on the body. It is also an effective treatment for hives, contact dermatitis and other similar skin allergies.  

What are the benefits of using Claratyne?
It provides an effective relief for symptoms associated with hayfever or allergic rhinitis.
It is also effective in treating other skin allergic reactions.

What are the Active Ingredient?
Loratadine 1mg/ml - light yellow coloured, peach flavoured.

What is the recommended dosage?
It is not intended for children under 1 year old unless under medical advise.
For children ages 1 to 2 years old, they are recommended to take 2.5ml of Claratyne Syrup once a day.
For children ages 2 to 12 years old who weighs less than 30kg, please take 5ml of Claratyne Syrup once a day.
For children ages 2 to 12 years old who weighs more than 30kg take 10ml of Claratyne Syrup once a day.
For adults and children above 12 years old, please take 10ml of Claratyne Syrup once a day.
You are adviced not to take double dosage of Claratyne Syrup if you forget to take your daily amount.
In the event that you miss a single dosage but remember it more than 12 hours before you are due to take your next dose then take it as normal.
If it is less than 12 hours before your next dose then skip that day's dose and take the next dose when it is due.

Are there any Warnings and Precautions?
Pregnant and breast feeding women are advised to consult first with their doctor before using Claratyne Syrup.
Individuals who are suffering from liver disease and sever kidney problems must also consult first with their doctor or pharmacist prior to taking this medication.
Claratyne Syrup is a non-drowse formula; however if you feel drowsy after taking it, please do not drive a vehicle or operate machinery.
Do not take Claratyne Syrup if you are allergic to Loratadine or any of the other ingredients of Claratyne Syrup. Claratyne Syrup does not contain gluten but does contain lactose, sucrose, and sodium benzoate as the preservative.
Keep it out of the reach of young children.
In some cases, possible side effects of this medication may include: headaches, nervousness, fidgeting, sleepiness  

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