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Clinicians MigraDol helps provide support for tension headaches. It aids in allowing healthy blood circulation and blood vessels.

Clinicians MigraDol 60 Capsules

Tension headaches are considered as one of the most common types of headaches. They are usually more common among women than men. Some people experience tension headaches after eating certain food, staring at a computer for a long period of time or even after driving. The most common remedy is to take an over the counter pain reliever but sometimes they don't quite do enough. By taking Clinicians MigraDol, you get help in easing tension headaches symptoms without worrying about side effects.


  • Helps to soothe tension in the head
  • Assists energy production to support blood vessel health in the head
  • Support energy production, circulation and blood vessel health
  • Helps promote smooth muscle contraction or spasm
  • Supports an increase the bodies ability to carry oxygen in the blood


  • Targeted nutrient support: Magnesium and vitamin B2 works synergistically together
  • Can be used long term without losing its effect.
  • Can be used alongside conventional medication
  • Well tolerated

Active Ingredients:

Vitamin B2 133mg Magnesium 133mg
Also contains: magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide
No added gluten, dairy, yeast, sugar, artificial colours or preservatives

Recommended Dosage:

Adults may take 3 tablets.
It can be taken in one dose or divided into 3 doses

Are there any warnings and precautions?

Clinicians MigraDol contains vitamin B2 which causes a harmless change in urine colour to intense yellow. This effect disappears within 24 hours of stopping vitamin B2 supplementation. High doses of magnesium may loosen the bowel i.e. (doses exceeding 500mg daily). If uncomfortable, reduce the dose until bowel movements stabilise or spread the dose out during the day. The threshold dose at which this occurs may vary amongst individuals. High dose vitamin B2 may occasionally result in transient diarrhoea and frequent urination, if this occurs lower the dose. Clinicians MigraDol is well tolerated and considered safe to use during these times, use under health professional supervision to ensure appropriate dosage.

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