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Curash works both as a treatment or a preventative of nappy rash. It contains zinc oxide and is a fine powder which provides excellent absorption qualities in the babies skin folds to keep them dry and rash free. The natural silicate finely milled powder prevents chaffing and absorbs moisture treating and preventing heat rash and nappy rash.
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Curash Anti Rash Powder 100g

Curash Anti Rash Powder has a triple action formula to soothe, heal and prevent nappy rash. It uses 25% zinc oxide, Helps soothe, heal and prevent nappy rash.

The finely milled powder has excellent absorption qualities and is easy to apply to baby's skin folds. It also provides an effective barrier to wetness and irritants. The Powder allays irritation, Helps prevent chaffing and absorbs moisture.

Curash Anti Rash also works on heat rash.

"How Do I Use It?" Easy To Use - New ergonomic bottle shape with easy grip sides assists easy and safe handling of the product. Use at every nappy change to prevent nappy rash

"What are the symptoms of nappy rash?" In its mildest form, the skin will be moist with a red, slightly rough and angry appearance. Nappy rash can also cause burning and itching that can result in restlessness, irritability and sleep interruptions.

"What Causes Nappy rash?" Nappy Rash is caused by prolonged contact with urine and faeces, along with chaffing and heat.

"How do I treat Nappy rash?" Nappy rash is a form of contact dermatitis and using a barrier cream as barrier protection is a good first step Zinc Oxide is an excellent treatment and protectant. The Nappy rash should respond within 24 hours and if it does not clear within 3 days, this implies a non responding secondary bacterial or fungal infection, and  healthcare professional should be consulted.

"What is in it?" Zinc Oxide, Talc, Maize Starch, Perfume
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