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To help easily remove ear wax use Ear Clear Ear Drops. It aids in softening and loosening ear wax to facilitate easy removal. It contains carbamide peroxide so it not only softens, but also fragments and disperses the wax.
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Ear Clear Ear Drops 12ml

To help easily remove ear wax use Ear Clear Ear Drops. It aids in softening and loosening ear wax to facilitate easy removal. It contains carbamide peroxide so it not only softens, but also fragments and disperses the wax. Using it may help to reduce the need for syringing, as well as help to relieve ear wax discomfort.

Benefits may include:
  • Aids in softening and loosening the ear wax.
  • Aids in the easy removal of ear wax.
  • May help relieve ear wax discomfort.
  • May reduce the need for syringing ear wax.
Features include:
  • Offers 2 way action
  • Contains carbamide peroxide.
Active Ingredient:
Carbamide peroxide

How to best use this product
  • Simply follow these steps to get best result:
  • Tilt head to one side
  • Place 5 to 1o drops in the ear.
  • Keep head tilted for several minutes before turning to the other side.
  • Repeat procedure for the other ear.
  • Cotton wool may also be inserted to keep drops in the ear.
  • Use twice daily for up to four days.
  • Or as directed by your doctor.

Why the need to use Ear Clear Ear Drops?
  • Ear wax are natural produce of the body.
  • Its purpose is to protect the ear from dirt and other harmful elements.
  • Ear wax are naturally pushed out from the ear.
  • However, there are instances when the natural removal of ear wax is hampered.
  • This may be due to a narrowed ear canal, a large amount of hair within the canal or simply overproduction of wax.
  • When the natural removal of ear wax is hampered, ear wax may become compacted into a hard mass.
  • Wax build up is also more common in the elderly.
  • Symptoms of impacted ear wax are loss of hearing, pain and dizziness.
  • Excessive or impacted ear wax may be treated either by a doctor syringing the ear.
  • Or by simply using ear drops, like Ear Clear Ear Drops, which assist in the softening and removal of ear wax.
Are there any warnings and precautions?
Store Below 25 degrees Celsius. For external use only. Do Not use if eardrum is perforated or if discharge is present. Do not use if there is pain or dizziness, or if ear surgery has been performed with the past 6 weeks. Not recommended for treatment of pain of raw inflamed tissue, swimmers ear or itching of the ear canal. Not recommended for children under 12 years, except on medical advice. Avoid contact with the eyes or naked flame. If pain or irritation occurs or if the condition persists, consult your doctor.

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