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To prevent acid reflux and regurgitation in infants give them Gaviscon Infant Powder.
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Gaviscon Infant Powder 30 Sachets

To help your child from experiencing acid reflux and regurgitation you may give him Gaviscon Infant Powder. It is especially formulated for infants as well as young children to help stabilize stomach content and reduce incidence of acid reflux and regurgitation of feeds.

Benefits may include:
  • Prevents acid reflux and regurgitation in infants under one year of age.
  • Provides fast soothing relief from heartburn and indigestion.
  • Stabilises the stomach contents.
Features include:
  • Comes in convenient sachet packaging.
  • Contains easy dosing instructions.
Product Ingredients include:
Each dose of powder contains: Sodium Alginate 225mg, Magnesium Alginate 87.5mg, Also contains Mannitol and is sugar free.
Each sachet contains approximately 21mg of Sodium.

Dosage Recommendation:
For breastfed infants - you may add 5ml of cooled boiled water to the powder in a glass.
Mix to a smooth paste and add another 10ml of water to the mix.
Give after each feed, using a spoon or feeding bottle.
For bottle-fed infants - you may mix each dose into not less than 115ml of each feed in the bottle and shake well.
For young children - You may prepare two doses as for breast-fed infants. To be taken after each meal.

Are there any warnings and precautions?
Gaviscon is not to be used in infants under 1 year of age, except under medical supervision.Do not use Gaviscon Infant with other food thickening agents or infant milk preparations containing a thickening agent. Do not use more than the stated amount. Do not give more than six times in 24 hours.
Products containing Mannitol may have a laxative effect or cause diarrhoea. EACH SACHET IS SECURITY SEALED. DO NOT USE IF DAMAGED.
If your infant has been put on a low sodium (salt) diet ask your doctor or other health professional before taking the product. Do not store above 30 degrees C.

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