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Good Health Viralex 30 Capsules

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Good Health Viralex is a comprehensive formula for everyday support to help protect a depleted immune system that battles against ills and chills.

Good Health Viralex

If you have suffered from continuous ills and chills, your immune system will get depleted. It will take some time for it to recover in order to put you back to your usual state of wellbeing. Supplements are a way to support your immune system to recover. Good Health Viralex is a comprehensive formula specially blended with high strength ingredients of Olive Leaf, Astragalus, Beta Glucan, Zinc and Vitamin D. This combination helps provide year round immune support.


  • Helps build up depleted immune system
  • Assists to stimulate and activate the immune system
  • Aids to enhance immunity against viral and bacterial infections
  • Supports immune response to a broad range of common ailments


  • High amount of standardised Olive Leaf extract - with 100mg Oleuropein (active ingredient)
  • Contains Astragalus root, Beta Glucan, and Vitamin D
  • Comprehensive formula that WORKS!

Who may benefit from this product?

Those who have a run down and depleted immune system
Those who suffer from: Herpes virus - cold sores, shingles, genital herpes, glandular fever, Epstein Barr virus, chronic fatigue syndrome
People who have parasites, Candida, (thrush), athletes foot, nail infections, jock itch
Travelers who were susceptible in catching viruses and bacteria (those who travelled via airplanes or been to unhygienic places)
As support for those who suffered from Colds and Flu (including man flu) and those with Upper respiratory tract infections (URTI)

Product Ingredients:

Astragalus, Beta Glucan, Olive Leaf, Zinc, Vitamin D3

Dosage Recommendation:

Maintenance dose: Adults may take 2 capsules daily with food.
Acute dose: Take 4 capsules daily with food.
Children: 6-12 years may take 1 capsule daily with food.
Acute dose: Take 2 capsules daily with food.
Best to take with food.

Are there any warnings and precautions?

Take precaution if you are pregnant and/or breastfeeding.

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