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Stop Smoking With Nicorette Icy Mint Nicotine Gum! Control your cravings when you quit smoking by supplementing cigarettes with nicotine gum.
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Stop Smoking With Nicorette Icy Mint Nicotine Gum! Control your cravings when you quit smoking by supplementing cigarettes with nicotine gum.

"What is Nicotine Gum?"
It is a gum allows you to actively control how much nicotine you use and when you use it. It is available in two different strengths, choose the correct strength to suit your individual smoking pattern. Nicorette Gum is available in three flavours, Freshmint, Classic and Freshfruit.

"How Does Nicotine Gum Work?"
When you chew the gum it releases controlled amounts of nicotine into your body to Help you deal with cravings and withdrawal symptoms. You choose a gum strength based on your current smoking habits to Help curb cravings for nicotine.

Why Is Smoking to Addictive?
Cigarettes contain nicotine, people often become addict to the side effects of nicotine. Smoking is the quickest possible method of absorbing nicotine

"What is the cost of smoking?"

Smoking Effects Your Wallet: How many cigarettes do you smoke a day? How much does the average packet of 20 cost you? How many years have you been smoking? Think about how much money you spend every day, month and year. That money could pay for a holiday, a new car or go into a house deposit or mortgage. Calculate how much you will save by quitting with the Nicorette Savings Calculator.

Why Should I Quit?

Well there are a number of healthy benefits to quitting, but you are really the only one who can take the first step.The best way to decide why to quit is to figure out what you think about smoking, thing about the following statements and what you think of them...

  • Costs a lot of money.
  • Gives me wrinkles.
  • Stains my teeth and fingers.
  • Is addictive both the nicotine and the habit.
  • Can make kids think its Ok to copy.
  • Gives me more Coughs and colds.
  • Harms kids health even before they  are born.
  • Is not allowed in many places.
  • Damages my health and fitness.
  • Keeps me dependent.
  • Gives an unpleasant body odour
Here are just some of the effects smoking can have on your health...

Maybe you know the risks to your health. You have probably heard it all before smoking can cause:
  • Heart attack.
  • Bronchitis.
  • Gangrene.
  • Miscarriage and premature birth.
  • Stroke.
  • Pleurisy.
  • Cancer.
  • Sterility.
  • Emphysema.
  • Gum Disease.
  • Impotence.
  • Stillbirth.
  • SIDS sudden infant death syndrome.
"Will I put on weight if I stop smoking?

Because smoking cigarettes can increase your metabolism, when you quit your metabolism may slow down. This could result in weight gain. As Nicorette Gum contains nicotine, it can Help you control the drop in metabolic rate experienced with sudden nicotine withdrawal. The nicotine in Nicorette Gum also acts as an appetite suppressant, Helping you reduce calorie consumption while you concentrate on beating cigarettes. So with Nicorette Gum you can be in control.
*US Department of Health and Human Services. Clinical Practice Guideline - Treating Tobacco and Dependence. June 2000() () reference 31

"How Do I Use  Nicotine Gum?"
  • Extra Strength 4mg Gum: Suitable for those who smoke more than 20 cigarettes per day.
  • Regular Strength 2mg Gum: Suitable for those who smoke 20 cigarettes a day or less.
1. Chew the gum slowly until the taste becomes strong.
2. When this happens, rest the gum between your cheek and teeth.
3. When the taste has faded chew the gum again.

How many pieces do I need?
  • You should use the gum for at least three months and then gradually reduce the number of pieces you chew.
  • If you start with the Extra Strength 4mg Gum, you can switch to the Regular Strength 2mg Gum during the reduction stage.
  • Smokers who smoke less then 20 a day usually start with 8-12 pieces of the 2mg gum
  • Smokers who smoke more than 20 a day usually start with 4-6 pieces of the 4mg gum each day.
  • Remember, if you have any questions about Nicorette Gum, ask your pharmacist or local GP for advice and always read the label. 
Can I go cold turkey?

You are the person best placed to answer that question.
Giving up isn't really dependent on your will power...  It can depend on a number of factors, how many you smoke a day, how long have you smoked how determined you are to quit.

Nicotine gum can be used to curb cravings for nicotine, Personally I found it hard to quit. Going cold turkey was not an effective option off the smoked cold turkey... my body was still craving nicotine. By cutting down the gum, and the dosage size, and mixing it it normal gum I was eventually able to curb my cravings completely.
When you are quitting remember to:
  • Stay Positive
  • Think positively and Think of yourself as a non-smoker not a deprived ex-smoker
  • Avoid Triggers and Remove any temptation
  • Keep yourself busy
  • Substitute something for a cigarette (like a cup of tea or drink of water)
  • Remember You don't need to smoke to relax
  • Diet and Exercise - Eat sensibly and stick to your normal diet
  • Reward yourself with the money you are saving
  • Don't panic and Remember, you're not alone
"What if I slip and have a cigarette?"
  • It is not the end of the world if you relapse, many people do not quit smoking on the first attempt, but the key is not to be disheartened by your relapse. Rather to learn from it and try again.
  • The best way to deal with a relapse is not to fall back into old habits, to try again, removing all temptation, and using nicotine gum to curb further cravings.
  • If you do relapse it is also a good idea to look back, and see what it was that made you want to smoke again, but identifying this trigger you will be able to avoid it next time. Smoking is addictive, but you can break the habit.
"What if I get addicted to the gum?"
You can slowly cut down you dosage and blend normal chewing gum with nicotine gum, until eventually you are just chewing normal chewing gum.
"Are there any warnings or precautions?"
  • Always read the label carefully and use strictly as directed.
  • If you have any side effects, or require further information, consult your doctor or pharmacist.
Do not use if you are:
Allergic to nicotine
If you have had a stroke, or heart or circulation problems unless a doctor has told you to

Ask your doctor/pharmacist before use if you are:
pregnant or breast feeding, under 18 years of age, taking any other medications

Ask your doctor/pharmacist before use if you have:
uncontrolled high blood pressure, a stomach ulcer, kidney or liver disease, to take insulin for diabete, an overactive thyroid, adrenalin gland cancer,
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