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Jet lag can really effect the success and enjoyment of your travel be it for business or pleasure. No Jet Lag is a homeopathic remedy to counter act Jet Lag.
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Jet lag is a phenomena that causes fatigue, disorientation and fuzziness. It results to broken sleep patterns after arrival from a long distance trip. The main reason for jet lag is crossing time zones because it disrupts the circadian rhythm of the body. It affects the success and fun of any travel opportunity. No Jet lag tablet is a homeopathic remedy to counter the effects of jet lag.


  • Helps relieve symptoms of jet lag
  • Aids travellers to enjoy and maximize their trip
  • Assists to prevent the effects of jet lag


  • Homeopathic preparation
  • No side effects
  • Suitable for all ages

What are the common causes of jet lag?

  • Being confined to your seat for a long time
  • Disrupted body block can effect body temperate, heartbeat, blood pressure and physiological patterns
  • Altitude and pressure changes at each landing and take-off also upset body systems, and although airliner cabins are pressurized, these changes are a significant cause of jet-lag.
  • Sitting still for long periods in flight causes discomfort and possible swelling of the legs and feet.
  • Dry atmosphere in airliner cabins can cause body dehydration.

Jet lag can be made worse by:

  • excessive eating in flight
  • excessive consumption of alcohol in flight
  • loss of sleep
  • being tired or not in good condition before the flight

How to take it for best results?

  1. Take one tablet at each time of take off.
  2. Then take every two hours in flight and another one after each landing. This must include at intermediate stops.
  3. However, during long flights, if the person is asleep, the two hour interval may be extended.
  4. It can be taken with meals and with coffee.

Are there any warnings and precautions?

No recorded adverse effects. If after the arrival to your destination you still experienced jet lag symptoms, it is advised to see a doctor. It does not counter the effects of existing medications.

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