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Phloe Bowel Health Capsules 30

$21.50 NZD
SKU 2256924
  • Clinically proven to promote regular bowel movements
  • For short and long term bowel health
  • Triple Action Complex Prebiotics, Enzymes +amp; Fibre
  • 100% natural active ingredient Zyactinase (from kiwifruit)
  • Assists the body to absorb the optimal level of nutrients from food
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Phloe Healthy Bowel Capsules 30

Phloe is a triple action supplement which works to optimise the health of your bowel using enzymes, fibre and prebiotics all found in New Zealands Green Kiwifruit.  As Seen on TV - Family Health Diaries:

Phloe Healthy Bowel Capsules works to:
  • Promote long term intestinal health
  • Helps avoid episodes of bloating, flatulence, feeling of fullness and associated discomforts.
  • Helps get rid of toxins quickly.
  • Clinically proven to keep you regular.
"Who Should use Phloe?"
  • Suitable for Adults and children 3 +
  • Suitable for Pregnancy and Lactating Females
  • Suitable for the elderly
  • Suitable for Men and Women
There is a large amount of anecdotal evidence that Phloe may be Helpful in Parkinsons sufferers, diarrhoea dominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohns disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).
*If you suffer from any of these conditions ask your healthcare professional about whether Phloe is right for you.

"What is in Phloe?"

The main active ingredient Zyactinase (from kiwifruit) is 100% natural.

"Does Phloe have any embarrassing side effects?"
Studies have shown that phloe does not have embarrassing side effects. Instead it works to Help support
your bowels everyday function.

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