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  • Combination of DEET and DIMP .
  • Non-greasy, Pleasantly scented. .
  • Contains no alcohol. .
  • Silicone base minimises absorption of DEET into the skin. .
  • Water and sweat resistant. .
  • up to 6 hours protection+nbsp;

Repel Tropical Insect Repellent Spray 100ml

Apex Repel Super Spray 100ml insect repellent is a Highly efficient, pleasantly fragranced, water proof and travel safe. It comes in an easy to apply in a non fluorocarbon aerosol spray.

"What are the active ingredients?"
DEET and DIMP are the main active repellents in this variant for maximum repellent action. Apex Insect Repellents incorporate emulsifiers in a silicone encapsulation which extends the duration of the product upon the skin as well as extending the time between re-application. Contain antiseptics and additives to enhance the efficacy and action of each product. This especially Helpful in tropical areas where antiseptic properties can be most beneficial.

"Who can use this product?"
Not suitable for children.

Why is there a need for insect repellents?

Exploring the outdoor is a great opportunity for our children to learn and enjoy. However, whenever they are outdoors, they are exposed to elements, including insect bites. Some insects can be harmless, producing only a very mild reaction towards the bitten child, but there are certain insects; such as: mosquitoes, biting flies and ticks, whose bites can in some cases make us sick when we are bitten.

In certain parts of Asia, Africa, Central or South America, a mosquito bite can easily translate to life threatening illnesses such as malaria and dengue fever. In fact, for New Zealand locals, there is no need to look far. In the Pacific Islands alone, there have been cases of dengue fever recorded among Kiwi travellers. There were even outbreaks of dengue fever reported in North Queensland, specifically in Cairns, Port Douglas and Townsville.

What are insect repellents?
These are preparations that have become widely popular in providing protection for the body against many forms of insect bite reactions, whether local or systemic. The use of insect repellents can be very Helpful in preventing a simple skin irritation that can lead to secondary skin infection as well as life threatening diseases caused by a measly insect bite.

How does an insect repellent work?
Understanding how insect repellent works greatly depends on proper understanding of how a biting insect find their hosts. Studies on mosquito's behaviour have indicated that this particular insect use a combination of sight, heat and smell as their way of locating their prey.

They are attracted to the scents of carbon dioxide, lactic acid and other odours emitted by the skin. They also like warm and moist skin. What an insect repellent does, both chemical and non-chemical based, is to create a vapour barrier that prevents the insect from getting in contact with the skin. This the reason why most insect repellents have a very strong odour because insects find these vapour to be offensive both to their sense of smell and taste.

Warnings and Precautions
  • Always read the directions on the product label and re-apply as directed.
  • Apply sparingly as required as Excessive usage is not recommended.
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not allow DEET based products to contact food utensils, plastics and synthetic fabrics.

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